2.85 Oh Mother Mary, help people experience that there is more to life

Oh Mother Mary, help all people experience that there is more to life than what we experience right now. There is more to life than what we have been told by the religions of this world, by the educational establishments of this world and by the governments of this world.

Help people experience that there is so much more to life, and there is so much more to us and that by reconnecting to that more, that flame of God, that drive for self-transcendence within us that is the driving force behind God’s creation, we can overcome all of our limitations. We can throw off the shackles of pain and suffering that permeate this world. We can even throw off the shackles of death as the last enemy itself and win our eternal victory as ascended beings. We can throw off the shackles of a limited sense of identity, and we can manifest the Christ consciousness right here on planet Earth, while we are still in a physical body.

Thereby, we can help raise the entire planet, and we can become as Jesus who said that “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.” We too can become Christed beings walking the Earth, and we can draw all men unto us and unto the God in us who is truly the more, the desire to become more, the unconditional love of constant and eternal self-transcendence.

Oh Mother Mary, help all people accept you as the Mother of God and accept you as our older sister. Help us look beyond our minds and fears and listen to the words that you speak in our hearts. Help us allow your words to penetrate the shells of fear that we have built around our minds and hearts, and allow you into our hearts.

Help us welcome you as the gentle mother who will take us upon your lap and rock us as you rocked the baby Jesus, until our beings are so filled with the unconditional love of the Mother of God that we truly let go of all our fears, our fears of giving birth to the Christ child within us, our fears of facing the Archangel Gabriel, who comes to announce to us that we have found favor with God and that we have the potential to give birth to the Christ child, to the Christ consciousness, that truly is our highest potential on this Earth.

Oh Mother Mary, help the spiritual people accept the Archangel Gabriel when he comes to us, so we will not reject him, we will not doubt him, we will not argue with him. We will say, as you did, “Oh Lord, be it unto me according to thy will, because I know now that your will is my will and my will is your will. I know I am born out of the unconditional love of God and God’s desiring to be more. And therefore, I am willing to be more, I am willing to be more right here on this planet and thereby bring the kingdom of God, which is more than any Earthly kingdom, into full physical manifestation on this planet.”

“And because I know that the unconditional love of God is the very center of my being, I have transcended all fears of expressing my Christhood on this Earth. I am willing to be centered in that love and stand before the world, as did my older brother Jesus, and I am willing to let them do or say what they will do or say, and thereby become the instrument for the judgment that calls all life to choose this day whom they will serve and calls them to come up higher and be more of who they truly are in God.”


Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012