4.61 I am willing to die to the world and live in the Spirit

Beloved Jesus, I am willing to die to the world so that I can be reborn in the Spirit while remaining in my physical body. I am willing to fulfill my rightful role of having dominion over the Earth instead of being enslaved by the material world. I give up the ghost of mortal identity that makes me a slave to this world through the consciousness of death. 

I realize that my Conscious Self is the core of my lower Being and is an extension of the Presence of God. The ego has no self-awareness and mindlessly keeps doing the same thing. My Conscious Self has self-awareness, which gives me the ability to step outside my current sense of identity and look at myself through the eyes of Christ. Beloved Jesus, I am willing to see all elements of the death consciousness in my Being, so that every ghost is exposed and I have the foundation for choosing life. Beloved Jesus, show me a ghost, and I will give it up.

I AM centered in the perfect love that casts out all fear of loss, and thus I consciously give up the following ghost:

(Briefly describe the part of your mortal identity that you are surrendering. Then visualize how you surrender it into your God Flame where it is consumed.)

In full surrender to Oneness with my higher Being, the I AM THAT I AM, I say:


I embrace the Consciousness of Life and I AM reborn into the kingdom of God. Thus, God in me, the I AM THAT I AM, has dominion over the Earth and subdues it, so that the Ma-ter light outpictures the kingdom of God. Thus, what is impossible with man now becomes possible with God. As long as I AM in the world, the AM THAT I AM within me is the light of the world. Thus, my Father works hitherto and I work!

Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012

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