The Waterfall of Light

 Mother Mary 

NOTE: Although the visualization was given to be used with the rosary, it can also be used independently to visualize the unstoppable light transform any limiting condition.

Let me give you a visualization that can help you produce the maximum effect from the Rosary of Infinite Light.

I would like you to visit a waterfall or to watch a movie of a waterfall. I would like you to focus your attention on the image and the rushing sound of a waterfall and allow it to be permanently anchored in your memory and vision.

As you are giving the Rosary of Infinite Light, I would like you to visualize that you are sitting under a waterfall of light from your I AM Presence, and the descending light is filling your soul, your mind and your body and then flowing out to cover the very condition that is the focus for your rosary. I would like you to envision this waterfall as an unstoppable force, as a force that nothing in this world can block.

While giving the rosary, imagine the sound of a thousand waterfalls, a sound so strong that it gives you the clear sense that it will sweep aside all density and all imperfect appearances. There is literally nothing in this world, no appearance whatsoever, that can stop this rushing waterfall of infinite light. Therefore, I encourage you to visualize the unstoppable waterfall of light while you give the Rosary of Infinite Light. Allow yourself to become one with this rushing light, allow yourself to become the waterfall of infinite light that truly is the wind of the Holy Spirit.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels