The masters will reveal their true beings to you, if you ask with a willingness to look beyond your mental box

Saint Germain, March 22, 2010. This tool was given in the following message.

Overcome the attachment to outcome and stop judging yourself
You see, an aspect of the fallen consciousness is the attachment to specific outcomes and results on Earth. And therefore, they have set up this entire consciousness, that certain of your choices are wrong according to some standard. And they use this to get you to judge yourself, until you have had so much pain of making these so-called wrong choices that you finally reason, “I’ve had enough of making these wrong choices—I will no longer make any choices.” I will follow an outer leader, I will follow a religion, I will follow a guru or messenger. Or, I will seek for some divine direction from someone who will tell me what to do. Well, my beloved, if you are looking for some nonmaterial entity to tell you what to do, I can assure you that that nonmaterial entity will not be a member of the Ascended Host.

For we do not have the goal to get you to a point where you never make wrong choices on Earth. Our goal is your overall growth in self-awareness. And as we have said many times, you can grow equally from any choice you make, whether it is “wrong” or “right” according to some earthly standard. Our only concern is to help you learn and grow, and thereby transcend and grow in your co-creative ability and awareness. That is our concern.

Do you, really and truly, my beloved, believe that we sit up here and watch your every move and judge you harshly? Do you believe that for every choice you make, the karmic board is sitting up here with a scorecard, and they put a little check when you make a good choice and they put a minus when you make a bad choice. And they add up all the minuses, until you reach some critical mark and then “Bam” you are going down into that fiery hell that the Christians have portrayed so vividly for so many centuries. Do you seriously believe that this is how the karmic board works? Because if you do, I can tell that you that you have fallen prey to the fallen consciousness and their mind control and their brainwashing, and their projection of these false images into the collective consciousness.

And if you seriously believe that this is how the karmic board and the Ascended Host work, then it is time for you to realize that you have been had by the fallen angels. And it is time to wake up and throw away these preconceived image, based on duality and judgmentalness. It is time to go within and be honest and say, “I am beginning to see how the fallen consciousness has affected my view of God and my view of the ascended masters. And I am hereby determining – by my free will choice – that I am willing to know God and the ascended masters as they really are. I am willing to know reality.”

My beloved, ask and you shall receive. Ask with a willingness to look beyond your mental boxes, your preconceived opinions, your epic dramas, and we will reveal our true beings to you. For we are right here with you all the time. It is only in your mind that there has been created the impression, the image of a distance, of an unbreachable gulf between you and us. And that unbreachable gulf was created precisely in the fallen consciousness. For there is an unbreachable gulf between the fallen consciousness and the ascended consciousness. There is no question about this. There is a gulf between the fallen consciousness and the ascended consciousness. But you are an individualization of the Creator’s Being, and you have a choice: Do you want to step into the fallen consciousness; do you want to step into the ascended consciousness?”

To which station do you want to attune the radio of your consciousness? Turn that dial of consciousness. It may have been stuck on a certain station for many embodiments. The dial might have gotten a little rusty, my beloved. It might be stuck on that station that it has been tuned in to for so long, thinking perhaps it was the only station—or that it would get you to heaven if you just kept tuning in to it long enough. So make that effort to wrest the dial free from the corrosion, to get it moving again. Turn it back and forth perhaps for a little while, just to clear the rust and the dirt. But then turn it towards the higher stations, until you reach us. For it is not that difficult, but it has become much easier, as the planet has shifted from the piscean to the aquarian mindset.

It requires less of an effort today to tune in to the reality of the Ascended Host than it did yesterday. And, as time progresses, and as the collective consciousness continues to progress, it will require less and less of an effort. But it will still require that choice, that you are willing to question your old mental images, the graven images. Without a willingness to question your graven images, no progress is possible. This is the way it has been always—always. For free will is the essence of growth.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels