The Eternal Breath of the Divine Mother

Mother Mary, July 1, 2005. This tool was given in the following message.

Introduction by Kim Michaels:
Many things in life, we might say everything in life, is a matter of perspective. The teaching that Mother Mary gives in the new book [Not yet published] is what Jesus was talking about yesterday, that we really are the conscious us. The Conscious You is the core of your identity. And the essence of the Conscious You is that at any moment you are who you think you are. And therefore, at any moment, you can change who you think you are, change the way you look at yourself and the world.

So as an example of that, when you look at this, it is a line, back and forth, back and forth. [Draws a zig-zag line.] And each time it comes here, it stops. Stop, stop, stop. Breathe in, stop. Breathe out, stop, Breathe in, stop. Breathe out stop.

But this is a two-dimensional drawing of a three-dimensional object that you are all familiar with. [Draws a spiral.] When you see that coil directly from the side, it will look like this zig-zag line. But when you see it in three dimensions, instead of going stop, stop, stop, it’s an ongoing, continuous, ascending spiral. And that is all you needed to have to understand what Mother Mary will say.

Mother Mary: 

My beloved hearts, I come on the heels of the Presence of Victory to give you a tool that might help you make the transition of letting go of the old and rising to the new, letting go of the sense of struggle and rising to the sense of on-going, perpetual joy that truly is the River of Life that flows and flows toward greater joy of becoming the more in God, while God is becoming the more in you.

My greatest desire is to see all of you enter that River of Life and flow with it, so that your path and your life is not a back-and-forth process between the highs and the lows of the human consciousness—that most people experience and that some people experience in the extreme called manic depression. One might say that all people who are still trapped in the duality consciousness are in a state of manic depression, or schizophrenia, being pulled hither and yon by the dualistic extremes from which they cannot separate themselves.

The decree that you just gave* is given to help you let go of the old and enter into that joy of the flow of life. But I will give you one more tool to tune in to the ongoingness of the River of Life. And that tool is the Breath of the Divine Mother.

The Eternal Breath
You have heard the concept of the inbreath and the outbreath of God. And truly, the Father God is the inbreath and outbreath. But the Mother of God has a different kind of breath, a breath that is not a line going back and forth, but the coil, the spiral, that rises toward her Lord, the Father God. And thus, the gift I give you is the visualization of the Eternal Breath of the Divine Mother. The breath that does not go in, stop, out, stop, but truly is an ongoing spiral.

You might have heard that some Eastern religions teach that when a person takes embodiment, that person has a certain number of breaths, a certain number of heartbeats, and when that number is reached, the body will die. Yet I tell you, there is a way to raise the vibration of the body beyond the level of duality. For if your breath is an ongoing breath, how can you count the number of breaths that you have? If there is no in and out with stopping in between, then why should your body be limited by the breath? And thus I encourage you to visualize your breath as a coil, as an ascending spiral rather than the zig-zag, back-and-forth that you now visualize.

And I encourage you now to center your attention in your heart, to visualize that beneath your feet a coil is starting. The white light of the Mother is starting to flow up this coil. And as it flows, your breath flows with it up that coil. And instead of going in and out, it becomes a perpetual flow. Truly, your physical body will still be going in and out. But in your mind, you will visualize your breath as this ascending spiral.

And then for each inbreath, you say, “I AM Victory.” And for each outbreath, you say, “Victory I AM.”

You do not have to say this aloud. And, in fact, you can use this visualization any time. You can even use it without giving the victory affirmation. And if you are capable of doing so, you can visualize your breath as the ascending spiral while you are giving a rosary or doing other activities during your day.

As you build on this over time, you can come to a point, where it becomes almost subconscious, almost automatic. And in the back of your mind is always the ascending spiral of the Breath of the Mother of God, the Eternal Breath.

So let us now visualize together, without speaking aloud, as we start the coil and allow it to rise.

[Pause as visualization exercise occurs.]

And let us now visualize as I give the words and you remain silent, breathing in as I say, “I AM victory,” breathing out as I say, “Victory I AM.”

I AM victory. Victory I AM (9x)

And if you cannot follow my words, just continue to breathe without focusing your attention on your breath. But focus on visualizing the ascending spiral of victory, the coil of the white light that rises from beneath your feet and above your head. Let us now visualize again, starting beneath your feet and then follow my words as you wind coil upon coil, until you rise far above, as far above as you desire to go.

I AM victory. Victory I AM (18x)

And thus, I give you this simple gift. For truly, in the simplicity often hides the immense power of God. And I seal you now in the love of my heart, the love of a Mother who desires to help you let go of the mortal mold and be reborn into the spiral of Christ victory. Thus, in the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of Saint Germain, in the name of the Presence of Victory, and in the name of Mary, the Mother, it is sealed.

Mother Mary’s instructions on the Eternal Breath exercise:
Let me say, concerning the exercise I have given you of the Eternal Breath. When you visualize the spiral, do not be concerned about whether it goes clockwise or counterclockwise. Visualize what comes most naturally to you, because the deeper meaning of the spiral is that there is an Alpha aspect and an Omega aspect. There is truly an ascending spiral and a descending spiral.

Yet I give you the ascending spiral first because you first need to raise the Mother Light to the crown and contact the Buddha, before you can be the instrument for bringing the immaculate concept back down into the physical world and manifesting it here. Some of you have already raised the Mother Light, and you might find that a certain direction works best for you. Then go with what works best for you, and allow it to flow naturally.


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