Taking command over your state of mind

Mother Mary, July 14, 2007

My beloved heart, I know you are burdened. I know you feel like you have lost control of your life, like you are up against forces, or energies, or an outer situation that seems to be beyond your control. Thus, you feel powerless, you feel stuck, you feel paralyzed. You feel even a sense of anger or resentment against the material world that seems to set these insurmountable obstacles in your path and seems to set so many limits to what you can and cannot do.

My beloved, I can assure you that I feel your pain, and I know what you are going through. How can I say this? I can say this, my beloved, because I too have been in embodiment on planet Earth. So there is hardly a shade of pain, of frustration, that I have not personally experienced while in embodiment.

In my last embodiment, which took place 2,000 years ago, I was known as Mary, the mother of Jesus. Yet I can assure you that I AM more than the saintly figure revered by Catholics. I have indeed ascended to heaven. And in the ascended realm, I have risen to the rank of holding the spiritual office as the representative of the Mother Flame of God for planet Earth.

You might recall, my beloved, that the Bible itself states that “I AM Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, sayeth the Lord, which was, and which is, and which is to come the Almighty.” So my beloved, you see then that God has both a masculine and a feminine side, an Alpha and an Omega, a beginning and an ending. And so, I come in this release to be the ending to the beginning of Archangel Michael in his powerful release, that is designed to make the demons and the dark forces flee from your being because they cannot stand the Presence of an archangel.

Well my beloved, while I choose not to speak with the same power of the masculine force of Archangel Michael, I can assure you that I am no less powerful. And thus, no dark force can stand to be in my Presence. Yet I come primarily to give you a new sense of comfort, a new sense of hope, a new sense of self-worth, of self-esteem. For my beloved, is it not true that when you face a crises in your life, one of the first things to go is your self-esteem, your sense of self-worth? In fact, my beloved, could we not say that it is precisely the loss of self esteem that is the very essence of the crises, or at least the very factor that prevents you from rising out of the crises? For my beloved, is it not precisely the lack of self-worth that makes you believe the subtle thoughts that you cannot possibly overcome your current situation? Is it not the lack of self-worth that makes you vulnerable to the very subtle belief that – because you have made this or that mistake – you can never again be free of it, you can never be pure, you can never be forgiven.

Is it not the lack of self-esteem, my beloved, that makes you believe in the subtle lie that your past actions prove that you are no good? And therefore, you can never build a better future, you can never overcome your present situation, your present problems. For you simply do not have what it takes to overcome those problems, as is proven, your voice says, by your mistakes of the past.

Well my beloved, I am indeed the representative of the Mother of God for planet Earth. And as that representative of the Mother Flame of God, I can assure you that there is absolutely nothing about the physical, material universe that I do not know. My beloved, I know every aspect of this world. Thus, my beloved, I know every possible problem that a human being on Earth could ever face. And therefore, with that knowledge, I can assure you, my beloved, that there is not one single problem on Earth that does not have a solution.

My beloved, it does not matter how insurmountable your situation may seem at the moment. There is a way out, or rather my beloved, there is a way up. It does not matter how big a mistake you have made in the past, how imperfect or impure you might feel. There is absolutely no condition on Earth from which you cannot rise, from which you cannot be purified. My beloved, how can I say this? I can say this because I know something about the material world that you were not taught in school, not even in Sunday school.

For my beloved, there are forces in this world who do not want you to know the truth that I will now tell you. You see my beloved, you might go down to your local sewer treatment plant and watch some of the dirtiest water you can imagine coming into that plant. It might be polluted by chemicals, by human waste or by all manner of foul things. Yet my beloved, if you took a pot of that water, put it on your stove and boiled it, what would happen? Well my beloved, the water would turn into steam, would it not? And the water would then rise above the pot and the water would leave behind all of the impurities. And it would then take on a different form, as the pure molecules of hydrogen and oxygen combine to form vapor that is invisible to the human eye—but nevertheless can be condensed again into water drops that are now pure. In fact so pure that the former state of pollution is no longer in existence. It is as if the water that was in the pot no longer exists. And indeed, it does no longer exist but has been transformed into a pure state, the pure state of water that it had before the pollution started.

And so my beloved, the truth that I want you to understand is that everything in the material world is made from one basic substance, namely what I like to call the Ma-ter light, the Mother light. This is not hard for you to understand, my beloved, when you realize what science has told you that all the matter you see around you is made from smaller building blocks, called molecules. And even those are made from smaller blocks, called atoms. But even the atoms are made from even smaller particles, called subatomic particles. Yet my beloved, even the particles are made from a finer substance, namely energy itself, energy called “light.”

And so you see, my beloved, even modern science has discovered the reality that you live in a universe where everything is light. And so, when you combine this with the statement in the Gospel of John that “without him was not anything made that was made,” you see that everything in this world is made from the light of God, the Ma-ter light that has taken on form. Yet my beloved, the form that the Ma-ter light has taken on is only a temporary manifestation that has not altered the fundamental qualities of the light. It is indeed, my beloved, like the white light that is shined through a movie projector—that is colored by the images on the film strip. Yet the light is still the light. And if you remove the film strip, you have again the pure white light hitting the screen.

And so you see, my beloved, without him was not anything made that was made. Without the light of God was not anything made that was made. And I can assure you that you were made, and thus you are made of light. And that means that you are a being of light, a spiritual being. You are not a mortal human being. You are not created as a mortal sinner who can do nothing but sin. You are not created, or evolved, as a sophisticated monkey. And your thoughts are not the products exclusively of processes in your physical brain.

My beloved, you are more than the body, you are more than this Earth, you are more than the material universe itself. You have a spiritual reality, a spiritual identity, that is beyond this world. And my beloved, precisely because it is beyond this world, it cannot be affected by anything that you have experienced or anything you have done in this world. Do you see, my beloved, there is a core of your being that is permanently residing in the spiritual realm. That core contains the blueprint for your identity, for your individuality in God. And it has not been destroyed or altered, or even covered over by anything you have experienced in the material world.

So my beloved, even though you might feel burdened or feel a sense of being stuck in your present situation, I can assure you that there is a higher part of your being, which is not in the least affected by your present situation. My beloved, I know you cannot see this, given your present state of consciousness. And that is why I have come, as your spiritual mother, to tell you this reality that is beyond your present vision. For my beloved, I can assure you that I know you intimately. I know you personally. I know who you are. I know the higher reality of your being. And I have, from your very first descent into the denser realm of the material realm, been holding the immaculate concept for you. For I see your true reality. I see your true identity. And I see your highest potential for what you can manifest in this world.

So you see, my beloved, beyond your present situation is a deeper reality. And if you could – for one instant – connect to that reality, you would gain an entirely different perspective on your present situation. For my beloved, it is not, as I said, that the reason why you are burdened by your present situation is that you see no way out. You see no solution to your problems. You do not see how you can be purified from your past mistakes.

But my beloved, the reason you see no way out is that you do not see who you are. For if you could see who you truly are, then you would know that you are more than your present situation. And therefore, there is a way out, which is to reconnect to the true spiritual being that you are. And so my beloved, who and what is it that can reconnect to your spiritual being, what we call your I AM Presence? Well my beloved, the core of our being is that which is conscious of your own existence here in the material universe. That part of your being I like to call the Conscious You. And I have given much more detailed teachings on it in the book that I have prepared for your use and for your freedom.

Yet my beloved, you will know that you have a conscious self if you will only contemplate the very fact that you are conscious. This should not be difficult. For my beloved, if you were not conscious – if you were not conscious of yourself, if you were not self-aware – then how could you possibly suffer from your present situation? You see my beloved, the logic is very simple. You are burdened, you are suffering, and you are very conscious of the fact that you are suffering. Well my beloved, the very fact that you are conscious of your suffering means that there is a part of you that is self-aware. And that is precisely the part of you that I call the Conscious You or the conscious self. Well, what you need to realize, my beloved, is that your conscious self is more than your present situation, is more than your outer mind, is more than your present sense of identity.

You see my beloved, your conscious self is an extension of your spiritual Being. And your spiritual Being, your I AM Presence, is an extension of the very Being of your Creator, of God itself. And therefore, your conscious self is also beyond this world. But you see, my beloved, your conscious self is designed to descend into the material world and experience this world and help co-create this world, eventually manifesting the kingdom of God on Earth. I know you have forgotten this purpose. I know you have forgotten this true identity. And that is why I have come to remind you. For my beloved, the only true source of self-esteem is self-knowledge, the realization of who and what you really are.

For my beloved, as you very well know in your present situation, any self-esteem that is based on the conditions or the things of this world is fragile, is mortal, can easily be taken away from you. That is precisely why the conditions you experience in your present situation have caused you to lose your self-esteem. Is it not so, my beloved? And the reason is clear now, is it not? Your self-esteem was based on the things of this world, it was a house built on sand. And therefore, it could easily be blown over when the winds and the rains descended upon it, when you were hit by “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” as Shakespeare used to put it.

And so my beloved, do you now see the simple, yet eminently logical, reality that if you want to build a true sense of self-esteem, a sense of self-esteem that is not vulnerable to the conditions of this world, then you must build a sense of self-esteem that is above and beyond anything in this world. And how can you build this sense of self-esteem? Well my beloved, you can do so by reconnecting to the higher being that you are, to the reality that you are a spiritual being having a material experience. You are not, as the saying goes, a material being trying to have a spiritual experience. You are already a spiritual being. So it is not a matter of becoming something you are not. It is a matter of realizing who and what you already are. Ah my beloved, but in order to realize who you really are, you first have to come to the realization that your present sense of identity – as a mortal human being – is indeed unreal, is nothing but an illusion.

And so my beloved, your present sense of identity is indeed like the polluted water that runs into the sewer plant. Over the course of this lifetime, even over the course of many lifetimes, the pure water of your consciousness has been polluted by all manner of foul and smelly things that have fallen into the stream of consciousness. Thus, the waters of your mind have become so muddy that you can no longer see through them to see the deeper parts of your being. Thus, you only see the surface, where the dirt and debris is swirling around. Yet my beloved, the water of your consciousness is still the pure water. And by purifying it of the impurities that have accumulated in it, you can come to see clearly who you truly are.
So my beloved, it is only a matter of following the admonition of Archangel Michael—that if you will keep taking one small doable step at a time, then you will indeed rise above your present condition, your present circumstance, your present state of consciousness. For you see, my beloved, here is another reality that you were not taught by the powers of this world. That reality is that everything in your outer situation is created by the Ma-ter light that has taken on a certain form. But my beloved, that form was not created by conditions outside of yourself, not by bad luck or fate or even bad karma. It was determined by the images and beliefs that you hold in your mind.

As I said before, the pure stream of your consciousness is like the white light of the movie projector. And the beliefs and images and illusions you hold in your mind, even at subconscious levels, are like the film strip in a movie projector. Thus, what is projected onto the screen of your conscious mind and the screen of your outer material situation is simply a reflection of the images on the film strip of your mind. And thus, my beloved, the reason why you feel you are paralyzed, the reason why you feel like you can never again be cured or regain your self-esteem – why you could never again regain your innocence – is that you have been programmed by the false teachers of this world, even the institutions of your present society, to believe that the world works in the opposite way from the way that it really works.

You see, my beloved, it is simply not true that your state of mind is a product of your outer circumstances. The reality is that your outer circumstances are the products of your state of mind. Therefore, my beloved, one of the most insidious illusions perpetrated upon humankind is the illusion that only when your outer circumstances change, will your state of consciousness change. Can you not see, my beloved, that from your very early childhood, you have been programmed by well-meaning people, such as your parents, your teachers or the authorities of your society, to believe in a very subtle lie? That subtle lie says that in order for you to be happy, you must have certain outer conditions fulfilled. Some of those conditions might be that you need certain material things. And obviously you can see, my beloved, that this is caused by the fact that there is somebody who wants to sell you something. Other conditions may be that you have to live in a certain society. And again, there is somebody who wants to sell you a political belief system. Perhaps you have even been programmed to believe that you need to be a member of a certain religion and live up to certain outer requirements defined by that religion. But again, my beloved, I must tell you the truth that – again – somebody is trying to sell you something, a religious belief system.

So you see, my beloved, there are forces in this world who want to control you, and they do this by programming you to believe in the subtle lie that you cannot be in command of your mind unless you have control over your outer circumstances. And my beloved, this very subtle belief is precisely what has lead to your current crisis—and thus has put you in what feels like a catch-22, like an impossible situation for which there is no way out.

For you see, my beloved, you are attempting to put the cart before the horse—to solve the problem in a way that can never lead to a real solution. For my beloved, you will never be happy as a result of outer conditions. Why is this so, my beloved? It is so because happiness, peace of mind, self-worth are inner conditions. They are feelings, they are a state of mind, are they not?

So you see, my beloved, it makes no logical sense whatsoever to say that your inner condition is a product of your outer condition. This is a very subtle lie, my beloved, perpetrated upon you by those who want to control you from without. For they know that if they can make you believe in this lie, then they can control your inner circumstances by controlling your outer circumstances. And certainly, there are many forces in this world who have a certain degree of control over your outer circumstances. Thus, if you believe that your outer circumstances control your inner circumstances, well my beloved, the forces of this world, the prince of this world, will have control over you. For the prince of this world will come and have something in you whereby he can control you. That something in you is indeed the very belief that your inner conditions are the products of outer conditions.

So you see, my beloved, the stark reality – as also explained by archangel Michael – is that everything in the material world is a product of certain mental images that are projected upon the Ma-ter light, thereby causing the Ma-ter light to take on a certain form. And thus, your outer circumstances are the exclusive products of the images that are held in your personal mind and in the collective consciousness of humankind—insofar as you have allowed your personal mind to become open to the collective mind.

You see, my beloved, the forces and energies that have invaded your auric field from without are partly coming from the mass consciousness, the collective consciousness of humankind. But along with these forces and energies are the images and beliefs that they are based upon, the images to which they owe their very existence. So you see, when you are open to the mass consciousness, to the collective mind, well then you take in these images and you are so overwhelmed by the energy and the subtle lies and arguments presented by the dark forces and your own ego, that you come to believe and accept these images as real, as unchangeable, as unavoidable.

Thus, you take them into your mind and then – when the light shines through the film strip of your mind – it is colored by those very images. So you project onto the screen of light, onto the Ma-ter light, images that are illusions, images that can only cause you suffering. So my beloved, it is inevitable that, after a certain time, these images will manifest themselves as actual material, physical, outer circumstances that you cannot ignore and seemingly cannot escape.

Yet my beloved, I am here to tell you the absolute truth that if you will make the effort, a conscious and determined effort, to clear your forcefield, to clear your mind – even the subconscious levels of your mind – from all unreality, then my beloved, you will indeed change your outer situation. You will overcome your current crisis and you will begin to see clearly through the stream of your consciousness. Until you see the very deepest recesses of your being and certainly experience – not as a theoretical intellectual knowledge, but as an actual intuitive, mystical experience – that you are more than the outer identity, more than the outer self, more than the ego, more that this world. You are a spiritual being. You have a reality in God. And therefore, my beloved, you have the ultimate self-worth that is possible anywhere, namely the absolute knowing that you are an extension of God. You are an individualization of God. And my beloved, would you not say that God is infinitely worthy, has infinite value?

So my beloved, when you realize that you are an extension of God’s infinite Being – and thus you truly are God’s infinite Being manifest as a specific identity – then my beloved, you will know – you will realize, you will experience – the ultimate self-worth of knowing what Jesus knew, what Jesus experienced when Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” Ah my beloved, there is no greater feeling, there is no greater experience on Earth than coming to the realization of who you truly are in God.

My beloved, I can assure you that no matter what pleasure or experience you have had on this Earth, it is as nothing compared to the experience of oneness with your Higher Being, oneness with the reality of your Creator. It is a feeling that is beyond what can be imagined by your outer mind. But I can assure you that if you will keep moving away from the darkness by taking one small step higher every day, then you will eventually break through and have a glimpse of that experience of ultimate self-worth. Thus, you will know that no matter what mistakes you have made or the experiences you have had – no matter how degrading or inhumane or humiliating – well my beloved, they have no part of the reality of your being. They are simply temporary illusions, mirages that are nothing more than flickering images in the distance.

Thus, when you know and experience that you are more than this, well my beloved, then you can let it go. I assure you that at that point – when you experience the reality that you are, the reality that I AM – well then you can fully forgive yourself. You can fully forgive all the people with whom you have been involved, all people you may have hurt, all people who may have hurt you. You can forgive yourself, you can forgive them, you can forgive God, you can even forgive the Ma-ter light for causing you to experience limitations and suffering.

My beloved, if you will keep moving on, there will come that point of total release – total forgiveness, total surrender – where you give up the mortal sense of identity—where you let it die and you then merge into the greater reality that you are. And you realize that you are that greater being, you always were that greater being and you can return to experiencing the reality of that greater being, even while you are still in a physical body. But only, you will now be transformed so you will no longer identify with your body or your outer circumstances, for you will know, you will experience, that you are more.

Oh my beloved, this is the greatest joy, the greatest freedom, the greatest happiness, the greatest sense of self-worth, the greatest sense of self-esteem that can possibly be experienced by any self-aware being. And my beloved, I have come to tell you or show you that that experience is possible for you. Why is is possible? It is possible because you are self-aware. And thus, you have the potential to be more aware than you are right now, and to be aware of a greater self than the self of which you are aware right now. Do you see, my beloved, what I am saying? Do you see the deeper reality here? The very fact that you are suffering with a limited sense of self proves that you can expand your sense of self, expand your awareness, and become more than you are right now—by accepting, by merging with, the greater self that you already are.

So my beloved, even if you cannot fully accept this with your outer mind, I ask only one thing of you—be willing to TRY. Be willing to make the effort to move towards that point of inner realization of who you are. So my beloved, when you have given Archangel Michael’s rosary and listened to his dictation to the point, where you feel that you have taken back some control of your life, then, my beloved, use the program that I have designed, of listening to this dictation and giving the rosary based upon it, the rosary for attaining self-esteem. If you will keep doing this for at least thirty-three days, then you will feel a difference. And then after that continue the program, but now do Archangel Michael’s rosary one day and my rosary the next, so that you alternate between the vibration of the Alpha and the Omega aspects of God.

And if, my beloved, you will keep doing this until you feel an inner prompting to study other teachings – to give other rosaries of the many I have prepared for you – well then you will indeed turn your life around. And you will experience that your life has become an upward spiral. And when you have experienced this, you can – if you are willing to do so – consciously lock your life permanently in an upward spiral. And once you are locked in an upward spiral, it is only a matter of time before you break through to the inner realization of who you truly are.

Oh my beloved, this is indeed possible for you, and I shall hold that immaculate vision, that immaculate concept, for you, as I held for Jesus every day until the very day where he manifested his Christhood and was resurrected permanently into a higher sense of self. Thus, give the rosaries, but also do not forget to daily make a simple call to me and simply say, “Oh Mother Mary, show me the immaculate concept for myself as I am able to grasp it right now.”

My beloved, if you will make this request, I will show you what you are able to see, what you are willing to see. And I can assure you that you and I – together with Archangel Michael, with your Christ self and with other members of the Ascended Host – can indeed walk all the way home, until every part of our beings has achieved oneness with the greater Being that we all are. Because, you see my beloved, in the spiritual realm we know the reality that all life is one because all life is God.

Thus, my beloved, be sealed in the infinite love, the infinite nurturance and the infinite comfort of your Divine Mother’s heart that overflows with a very personal love for you, a love that transcends all boundaries of the material world. A love that you can experience right now, if you are only willing to look beyond the outer conditions and accept the love that I AM, the unconditional love that I AM, the unconditional love that I have for you. For my beloved, when my love is unconditional, you do not need to live up to any conditions on Earth in order to receive that love, do you? So forget about the conditions and accept that I love you, that Archangel Michael loves you, that your I AM Presence loves you, that your Christ self loves you, that Jesus loves you and that your Creator loves you, has always loved you and will always love you.
Be sealed, my beloved, in the infinite love that I AM, in the infinite love that you are.

ROS16: Mother Mary’s Rosary for Self-esteem

Copyright © 2010 by Kim Michaels