Take some time out and just appreciate your Self, your unique, God-given individuality

Master MORE, October 31, 2008. This tool was given in the following message.

Dare to appreciate yourself
And so, what I am leading up to here is the recognition that we have no desire to see anyone on Earth become less, or make themselves less. We desire to see all people become MORE. We of the Ascended Host do not look at any people as bad, as evil, as beyond being raised up to a higher level. We hold the immaculate concept. We see the potential for all to be raised up, and therefore we have no desire to punish. We have no desire to shame. We have no desire to belittle any nation, any people. For we always see beyond the outer characteristics. So do you see that you cannot rise above the sense of superiority or the sense of separateness by making yourself less?

There are some who think, my beloved, that in order to avoid pride they have to make themselves so humble. But you see, pride is one extreme. Humility in a human way is the other extreme, the other polarity. You do not escape duality by jumping from one polarity to the other. You escape duality by finding the middle way.

And so I ask you each one individually, as I already instructed this messenger to say to one person earlier today, to take some time in your busy schedule and to sit down; not give any rituals, not give any rosaries, not read any teachings, not think, not analyze. But to take some time and just sit down and appreciate—appreciate who you are, appreciate God, appreciate the Ascended Host, appreciate nature, appreciate other people, appreciate something that opens your heart. And when you have then opened your heart, then allow yourself to appreciate yourself. Not your ego, not your separate self, but appreciate your real Self as an individual expression of God, as an absolutely unique expression of God. And therefore, allow yourself to recognize that you are MORE than the separate self.

The secret to overcoming the ego
My beloved, you have all heard the expression, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” Well, you cannot overcome the separate self, the ego, by destroying that separate self. For you cannot live without a sense of self. That is the price you pay for being an individual, self-aware expression of God.

You have to have a sense of self, and so those who attempt to destroy the self cannot ever make spiritual progress. Even though some of them may think they have done so—they cannot. You cannot make spiritual progress by making yourself a vacuum. You can only make spiritual progress by transcending the duality and recognizing that you are MORE, because you are out of a greater spiritual being in the spiritual level right above the material universe. And that spiritual being is out of an even greater spiritual being, and this Hierarchy of Light goes all the way to the Creator.

This is how you can overcome the separate sense of self by Being MORE. And thus, do you see that this works on an individual level, where you cannot overcome your own separateness, but even more so it works on a national, and even a planetary level, where you cannot grow spiritually if you find yourself in a vacuum. As you indeed see many people in Europe, who have given up on traditional religion – and for good reason – but have then not found anything to put in its stead. And therefore, they can easily be swayed into various forms of extreme expressions that give them a sense of identity.

For do you not see that what Nazism and Hitler offered certain people was a very clearly defined sense of identity, which then allowed them an easy way – seemingly an easy way – out of the state of being in a vacuum, of having no clear identity, no clear sense of who they are? This has been the lure of all totalitarian ideologies—Marxism, Nazism, all others that you have seen.

It has been the lure of materialism, the sense that material things is your god and is your purpose for living. It has been the lure of power and those who seek power. And so you see that it is only by finding something that is beyond the Earth – where you begin to acknowledge that you are MORE than this material identity – it is only then that you can escape that sense of material identity.

And yet, in order to do this, you must overcome the programming from both church and secular materialistic philosophies that you are not a spiritual being – or at least not a unique spiritual being – and certainly not a son or daughter of God. And in order to do this, you have to be willing to take some time to look in the mirror – I speak not physically, but metaphorically – to look in the mirror of your soul, and recognize that your true Being is MORE than these outer things.


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