Pallas Athena offers students her tutelage

Pallas Athena, May 4, 2010. This tool was given in the following message.

Thus, I say to you, as spiritual students: Apply to my heart, apply to my Being. If you dare, if you dare to have your own inconsistencies, the fallacies of your beliefs, if you dare to have them exposed by the light of truth that I am. Apply to me. I am gentle, yet I am a living, breathing fire of truth. And the more you hold on to untruth, the more it will seem as if my fire is burning. But if you can let go of the untruth, then my fire will not burn.

It will instead lift you up into the heavens, where you suddenly find yourself above the human labyrinth, the human maze, the human miasma, the energy veil of Maya. You find yourself above it, that you may see the perspective you see through the eyes of Pallas Athena. You see with my perspective, and you suddenly cannot understand how you could ever have been so trapped in these philosophical systems, thinking that one of them had to be the ultimate truth, the ultimate way to heaven.

For is this not the lie: that you can follow an outer system that will guarantee your entry into heaven without having to look through the eyes of truth at your own being and the inconsistencies in your ego,and the lie that your conscious self has accepted that has served as the justification for walking away from the teacher—who also represented truth, be it Maitreya or another teacher in another mystery school in another realm.

For you see, it is not only the ego that keeps you away from oneness with truth. It is the decision you made to not go back to the teacher, as Maitreya explains in his book. There is always a decision that was not made by the ego, because the ego was made from the decision. The ego is an offspring of the decision, and the decision was made by the conscious self, the Conscious YouWhat folly to deny that you made that decision, for if you do not recognize that you – the core of your being, the very essence of your consciousness – made that decision, then how can you undo that decision? You cannot undo a decision through denial; only through recognition, through taking responsibility.

And thus, I admonish you: try me, try me as a guide to what is truth and untruth. And I will help you rightly divide the word of truth in your own being. And when you have divided the word of truth in your own being, then you might serve to divide the word of truth in the world and for other people. But until then, I caution you strongly not to focus on telling other people what they should be doing or what they should be believing, or what is wrong with the world. For this is another camouflage strategy of the ego, to take your attention away, to divert your attention from looking at the untruth in yourself by focusing on the untruth in others or the world.

Do you not see that there are many of the philosophies in the world that are deliberately created by the false teachers in order to fool the most spiritual people into thinking they have to focus on exposing or freeing people from the many untruths, and so that your attention is pulled into focusing on the many untruths in the world—and thereby conveniently forgetting to look at the untruth in yourself. This cannot lead to spiritual progress.

It can lead to the illusion of spiritual progress that comes from spiritual pride, because you think that by you being able to expose all these fallacies in the world, you are more sophisticated, you are more spiritual, than the people who believe in these fallacies. But it is not so, it is not so. You are, in fact, more trapped by your own ego than many of the people who believe in the false teachings but do not think they are that much better than others, as you think you are better than others for you can see all these fallacies.

Stop looking for the untruth outside yourself. Focus on the untruth in your own being. Apply to me to show you that untruth. And then, when you have gone through a period of seeing that untruth, then, when you are cleared of the untruth, you can stand naked before God, the God of Truth, the Goddess of Truth, and not feel ashamed in your nakedness. For you realize that your nakedness is a sign up your purity, a sign that you have been willing to purify your being of the artificial elements that have become an overlay that is hiding the true, spiritual individuality given to you by God before you descended into the material realm.

That purity, that pure, spiritual individuality, is still anchored in your I AM Presence, unchanged by anything that has happened to you, anything you have experienced, in the material universe. Yet your outer mind will never reconnect to that spiritual individuality, for your outer mind cannot see through the filter of duality, the filter of Maya. And thus, it will never be able to see that true individuality that is beyond duality, that is beyond the sense of identity created by both your conscious self and your ego after your conscious self decided to go into duality.

Thus, it is truly only the conscious self, the Conscious You, that can bridge the gap, that can dis-identify itself from the the worldly identity, so that it can project itself beyond the realm of Maya, the realm of duality, the material realm and realize that it is pure consciousness. And as pure consciousness it can choose to be what it will be at any moment. No matter how elaborate a structure of a worldly identity that it has created over thousands of lifetimes, it can nevertheless choose at any moment to stop identifying itself with it, disentangle itself from this sense of identity and come back to that point of purity, where it once again recognizes and experiences itself as an extension of the pure Being of God, as pure consciousness that is not trapped in any lower sense of identity.

And at the moment your conscious self does experience itself as pure consciousness, it can then reach up and contact the individuality that is anchored in your I AM Presence. It can then contact the positive momentums that you have built in your causal body over many lifetimes. And that is when the Conscious You truly becomes the open door between that which is Above and that which is below. That is when you become the living Christ, who can then be the open door for the Spirit of Truth to flow into this world and truly challenge the untruth from a higher perspective of the Christ mind, rather than seeking to challenge or expose the untruths in the world from the level of the dualistic mind, where your challenge will only be from the duality consciousness. And therefore, it will be pitting one dualistic argument against another, which can never lead to a conclusive breakthrough, which can never lead to truly freeing people from the illusion of duality.

So, how do you want to spend the rest of this lifetime? Do you want to spend it squabbling with other people who are trapped in the duality consciousness? Or will you spend some time and effort to reconnect to the reality of your being, that you may be truly an open door for the Spirit of Truth. And so that I, Pallas Athena may thrust my Spear of Truth, first into your own being, where you are willing to let it expose anything in your being that is not truth. And then, when you are purified, the spear can be thrust through that open door into the world, where you can likewise bring forth a true challenge of the untruth.

This is the question I pose for you. If you are willing to take up my challenge, then be willing to walk right into my Spear of Truth, to let it enter your being, where at first it might be painful but then you will begin to feel how, as the Spear of Truth penetrates the veils of unreality in your being, you reconnect to something that is real. You start to feel liberated, you start to reconnect to the true joy of your being, that peaceful, blissful, bubbling joy that is God’s own joy of expressing itself in form. And then, your life in the material world can also be an expression of joy, rather than you being burdened or trapped in a lesser sense of identity that sucks all joy out of your being.

For indeed, it is the illusion of the ages that your Spirit has to adapt itself to – or be limited by, or identify itself with – anything in the world of form. It is the illusion of the ages that anything in the world of form can have power over your Spirit. This is the illusion that all spiritual seekers must overcome, if they wish to manifest Christhood, rather than manifest the spiritual pride of thinking they are so advanced because they know this one true teaching and can see the fallacies of all other teachings.

So if you are willing to truly rise, then apply to me, Pallas Athena. Be willing to walk the 33 steps that I offer up in the true mystery school of the Goddess of Truth. Follow those 33 steps, as I will guide you at inner levels – and perhaps at some point even at outer levels – and then you will at one point arrive, where you have the complete non-attachment to changing or saving or battling other people. And instead, you are completely willing to be the open door for the Spirit of Truth to do its work through you, without you having to analyze or know ahead of time with the outer mind, without you having to feel that the Spirit of Truth has to conform to any structure in your mind.

My beloved, what does it take to be the open door, as Jesus said he was the open door? Well, is it not so that a door is open only when it is completely free and clear up any obstructions, any structures? And so begin by applying to me and be willing to examine and question the structures you have built in your mind, the structures that have entombed your Spirit temporarily in a prison from which the Conscious You will believe it cannot escape—until it fully and finally takes responsibility for itself and acknowledges that it was its own choices that caused it to feel entombed in matter—and that those choices can be undone in the blink of an eye.

I, Pallas Athena, await those who are willing to apply to me. I am the Goddess of Truth.  Apply to be, if you will. And you will soon see what is the true vibration of the Goddess of Truth.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels