Mother Mary’s gift for releasing the ubalanced desires – the shoulds and should-nots – that prevent us from having true discernment

My gift
Thus, my beloved, in gratitude for your attention, for your physical and spiritual presence, I will give you a gift—that you might attune to my heart, that you might ask me, as you are willing and able, to release to you my unconditional love for you. So that you can sense that unconditional love and thus let it set you free from all consciousness of wanting to force others or, my beloved, force yourself to live up to some image based on the “shoulds” or “should-nots” created by the masters of duality, the masters of deceit. Thus I ask you to play a piece of meditation music while you tune in to my heart and my unconditional love, my beloved.

My beloved, I instructed this messenger to hold his hands up, that you might have the image that I radiate my unconditional love through his hands, in case you need a physical focus. Yet I trust you will know that unconditional love is everywhere, and thus does not truly need to be radiated from any particular vessel, but can be radiated right within yourself, right within your own being, right within these cells and atoms of your being. For truly, unconditional love knows no conditions, so how can there be conditions that shut out unconditional love from some place?

[Ave Maria by Schubert playing]

Thus, my beloved, having received the Alpha portion of this gift, I now ask you to realize that unconditional love wants to flow and raise up all life. So I ask you to now visualize that you are the open door, you are the transformers, so to speak, that you received the unconditional love from Above, and you radiate it out to this Earth, to the people or conditions or causes that are dear to your heart. Seeking to raise it up in accordance with the teachings on free will I have given.

Thus I ask you to play another piece of music and thus visualize that the unconditional love is not only flowing into you but is flowing through you, my beloved. And thus, your entire being, every cell and atom in your being, vibrates with that unconditional love and radiates it out to the condition that you visualize as being raised up by that unconditional love.

[Un Bel Di (from Madam Butterfly) playing]

And thus, my beloved, my gratitude. And I seal you in the Flame of the Divine Mother, the Flame of Unconditional Love.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels