Knowing that your calls WILL make a difference


I AM the Living Christ.

Why, my beloved, do we keep talking about the Living Christ? Well, it is because, after they killed my physical body 2,000 years ago, they thought they had killed me. And ever since then, they have attempted to kill my teachings and my example, so that no one dares to heed the words of my own, that those who believe on me shall do the works that I did and even greater works, because I have gone to the father. Thus paving the way, making it easier for others to follow and manifest their Christhood on Earth, taking that ultimate stand against the forces of anti-Christ, the forces of anti-will, the forces of anti-victory, the forces of anti-love, the forces of anti-wisdom.

So my beloved, as you give a rosary, invocation or decree for any part of the world or world condition, you might question in your mind, “What difference will it make that I sit here, one person, and give a rosary? Even if I come together in a group with other people and we give a rosary together, what difference will it make?” Well, my beloved, the difference that it will make depends on how you give the call—with what attitude, with what conviction, with what firm knowing within that you make the call.

For my beloved, we have told you many times over that everything in the physical octave revolves around the free will of human beings. My beloved, what is the essence of free will? It is that you make a decision, is it not? And thus, my beloved, if you simply sit down and give a rosary without making any particular decision about why you are doing it and who you are, well then the effect of the rosary will not be as great. Yet the more firm a decision you can make, the greater the power of the rosary, the greater the influence your rosary, your vision, your mind, will have on the collective mind.

The greatest difficulty on the spiritual path
For my beloved, what is the greatest difficulty for those walking the spiritual path? Well it is, my beloved, that you have to overcome the gravitational force of the collective consciousness that seeks to pull you into doing what everybody else is doing—following the norm, doing what the people are doing, doing what is considered normal. As you indeed saw other people do to me 2,000 years ago, of wanting me not to go too far beyond what is normal, thus not standing out too much, thus not taking that ultimate stand that would eventually lead to my crucifixion.

So you see, my beloved, there is always that force that is seeking to pull you down, pull you into following the mass consciousness, doing what everybody else is doing. But my beloved, if you look at world history, you will see that there are two forces at work. There is the downward pull of the mass consciousness that pulls everybody into doing what everybody else is doing. Yet if people keep doing that, then the civilization will go into a downward spiral that will eventually lead to the self-destruction of that civilization through the force of the second law of thermodynamics.

So my beloved, what is it that has brought progress to humankind? Well it is only one thing, my beloved. It is that there have been individuals who dared to NOT follow the mass consciousness, to go against the downward pull, the gravitational pull of the mass consciousness and therefore set an example, bring forth a new idea, take some kind of step that would bring civilization forward and would eventually shift the mass consciousness, so that the people began to realize that they could be more than they thought they could be a few years or decades ago.

My beloved, when everyone in Europe believed that the Earth was flat, this very belief had some very subtle and very profound effects on peoples’ way of thinking, their thinking of what was possible for a human being on planet Earth. And when that consciousness shifted and people began to recognize that the Earth is round and that it is part of a much larger universe, well then that opened up for the expansion you saw in the Renaissance and beyond to the Industrial Revolution, and the revolution of science and knowledge that you have seen bring society to the point where it is at today.

And yet even that development, as we have said before, has become its own closed circle and is now threatening to pull society into a downward spiral—unless the spiritual people who are in embodiment for this particular purpose can stand up and speak out about the spiritual side of life. And therefore create a shift in the collective consciousness that shifts it away from materialism and into realizing that there is a spiritual side to life and that without it our life will not be complete, no matter how much material wealth or possessions we have.

And so, my beloved, as was said before, when you give a rosary, you need to give it with the victory consciousness, where you know that one person or small group of people CAN make a difference in terms of shifting the collective consciousness, providing therapy for the collective consciousness. And you give it with the attitude that I CAN and I WILL because I AM! And this is then where you – as the spiritual people – need to see yourself as walking a path where you are gradually expanding, raising, and refining your sense of who I AM.

Give a rosary with inner peace
For you know, my beloved, through the wonderful teachings of Mother Mary’s books [A Course in Abundance], you know of the four lower bodies. You know that as you speak a rosary, you are speaking it through the vehicle of the physical body in the physical realm, and that is why it has an effect here, in terms of going out in the physical. But you are not simply speaking that rosary with your mouth. You need to engage your three higher bodies—your emotional body, your mental body, and your identity body.

And so, in your emotional body, you need to be at peace so that you are not in doubt about whether your rosary will have any effect. No, you are in total peace because you know that you are not the doer—God through you is the doer. And as I said, with men this is impossible, but not with God for with God all things are possible. And so you know that when you are doing God’s work by speaking this rosary in the physical, God’s power will work through that rosary and thus you have no doubt and thus you can be at peace and your emotional body can be calm.

Yet how can you attain that peace in the emotional body? Only when you have the peace in your mental body because, after all, your mental body is higher than the emotional body. And so my beloved, you need to know intellectually that there is a higher power than the powers you see in the physical world. And you know as spiritual people that the material world is just a matter of appearance—it is not ultimate reality because it is simply the effect of deeper causes in the higher levels of the emotional, mental, and identity realms. And that is why – intellectually – you can know and understand that the power of God is greater when it is allowed to flow into the material, physical realm through those who are in physical embodiment. That is how you can do the works that I did – when you know that you are one with me as I am sitting at the right hand of God – therefore unleashing the power from the highest level that flows through you here below so that we become one—as above so below.

And when you know this intellectually, your intellectual mind can take command over your emotions. And so how can you know intellectually that you can be one with me? Well, you can know that only when you go to your identity body and shift your sense of identity away from the way you were brought up—to see yourself as merely a human being who had to follow the crowd, and who had limited abilities and limited powers in this physical realm. My beloved, you know you are more than that and you have known that all of your life, but many of you have not yet shifted to that absolute inner knowing and determination that you are a spiritual being. You are a representative of the Living Christ. You are the Living Christ in embodiment. You are the living Christ here below as I AM the Living Christ above.

And when you reach that determination, which many of you are very close to, then you will know in your identity body that you are not simply sitting here as a human being giving this rosary. No, you are sitting here as the Living Christ in embodiment giving this rosary. And thus the words and the power flowing through those words is much greater than any human being could achieve or any group of human beings could achieve.

My beloved, you can have a million people come together who are at the level of the mass consciousness and have them give one of these rosaries. And truly it would have an effect, but it would not have as great of an effect as a small group of people who know and accept that they are the Living Christ in embodiment. So you see, my beloved, this is what we desire to see you achieve—you who are the few and who sometimes wonder how the few can have a positive effect on the many.

Know the underlying oneness of all life
Well, my beloved, you can have a positive effect on the many only when you realize that underneath all of the outer appearances of this world is the underlying oneness of all life. When you know that you are the Living Christ, you know you are one with me Above. But through that oneness with me, you are one with your source, you are one with your Creator. And all life sprang from the consciousness of the Creator, from the Ma-ter light. And thus, you know that all life is one, and when you know that oneness, that is when you realize that one person can have an effect on the many because the many are only expressions of the one.

And thus, it is indeed possible that one person – taking a stand for some truth or another – can be instrumental in shifting the collective consciousness of an entire society, an entire nation, even an entire planet to a new level of awareness. Because they have seen in that one person that higher awareness, that higher commitment to truth, and this is such a powerful example that they cannot ignore it. And eventually it breaks through and the collective consciousness is shifted upward.

And this, my beloved, is how progress happens on a planetary scale—by one individual, or a group of individuals, taking a stand for a higher truth and causing the collective consciousness to shift a little bit. And then another individual or another group of people build on that and take a stand for an even higher understanding, or the same type of understanding in another area of society. And again, the consciousness is shifted just a little bit.

And so my beloved, you look at the planet, you look at a society, you look at a continent and you say, “Well, how can we possibly change things when you look at how things are in the physical—with the poverty, with the inequality, with the political turmoil, the corruption, and all the many problems going on?” But I tell you, as all other changes that have come about on this planet, it must start in consciousness, and it must start in the consciousness of those who are the most spiritually mature people, such as yourselves, but also many other people who may not be outwardly spiritual but who still have that inner attainment that makes it possible for them to be instruments in shifting society.

So, you do not need to necessarily hold the vision that you have to go out and join a political party, for there may be others who are already ready to do this but they need some kind of spiritual boost from you to bring them over the edge, where they can take that stand. Now, again, you should not limit yourself, for if you feel the inner calling to take part in whatever goes on in society, by all means follow it. But what I am saying is: there is an important aspect of holding the immaculate concept that the right people come forward at the right time to shift the collective consciousness to a higher level and thereby bring society forward.

Holding a vision
Hold that vision throughout your daily lives and strive – in your own mind – to raise your level of identity to where you can see yourself being a representative of the Living Christ for your nation and holding that vision that you are raising the collective consciousness—that God through you is raising the collective consciousness, that I Jesus through you am raising the collective consciousness. For my beloved, did I not say “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me?” And how could I say that? Because I knew that there is a oneness of all life, which means that all people are tied together in consciousness, namely the collective consciousness.

And I also knew that as the collective consciousness pulls the individual down, once an individual has risen above that negative pull, well then that individual will pull the collective consciousness up. And it is a force that cannot be stopped by any force in the physical octave, no matter how powerful they might seem in their powers on the Earth. My beloved, one Christed being can and will shift the entire collective consciousness, but 10,000 Christed beings in embodiment can do infinitely more—and thus this is the vision we hold. This is the vision we ask you to hold—that the Christed ones in all areas of society, in all nations on all continents, are awakened and rise up to realize why they are here and decide to fulfill that destiny.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels