Jesus’ help for overcoming fear


What I offer you today is to be here with you in a very tangible manifestation. And I ask you, to visualize that you face your worst fears, or at least the fears you feel capable of facing. But you do not face them alone. You face them—not with me at your side, but with me overshadowing you to the point that we are one.

And therefore, you do not see your fears the way you normally see them. You see the fears the way I would see those fears.

And let me assure you that I have faced every possible fear found on Earth, and I have risen above it. And thus I might say that I have somewhat of a momentum that you can trust will carry you through.

So I ask you to go into this meditation. You do not need to call aloud, but you do need to visualize.

Make an inner call for your Christ self and for my Presence to descend upon you.

Accept our oneness when you make that call.

And then visualize the fears that keep you from moving on to the path.

Visualize that we go right into them, take a look at them and that you see with the eyes of Christ that they are completely unreal and have no actual power over you.

And then surrender them.

Surrender them into the flame of Christ in your heart and let them go. Let them go, let them fall away. Truly, as Paul on the road to Damascus when the scales fell from his eyes and he saw the Living Christ, beyond the dead image of Christ as a false teacher that he accepted before.

Allow yourself to let go of what stands between you and the abundant life.

[Visualize that you let go of the fears]

I Jesus, release you from your fears.

I say, “You have the permission of Christ to leave behind those fears and to accept your true identity as being a son or daughter of God who is as worthy in the eyes of God as is Christ Jesus, as is Christ Morya, as is Christ Mother Mary, as is Christ Saint Germain.”

And thus, I ask you to stand as we truly blow away the old mold, giving way for the new.



Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels