How to overcome guilt for making mistakes

Teaching and visualization by Jesus.

Let me comment on how anyone can overcome the guilt for having made any kind of mistake. The following teaching will apply to any human being and any type of mistake.

Accept that God loves you with a love that is unconditional, and therefore he has already forgiven you!

What stands in the way of you experiencing that forgiveness is your own lack of acceptance of God’s forgiveness. Therefore the one thing you can do is to accept that God has forgiven you and I, Jesus Christ, have forgiven you.

Therefore, what is left is that you need to forgive yourself.

Let me sketch the ideal scenario for dealing with a mistake. Whenever you make an imperfect choice, there will always be a moment of truth. Be alert and acknowledge that you made a mistake, and seek to gain the best possible understanding of how and why it was a mistake. Learn to see through the serpentine lie behind your mistake. Then decide not to repeat the mistake. Ideally, you should decide to leave behind the consciousness, the lie, that caused you to make that mistake.

When you do this, every mistake you make becomes as stepping stone that brings you closer to Christ consciousness. This is what God wants to see happen for you. This is what I want to see happen for you.

I realize that most people have descended into a lower state of consciousness and that they need to follow a gradual path that leads them to the full Christ consciousness. Therefore, I have a great desire to see people adopt the right attitude, whereby each mistake they make brings them closer to Christ consciousness. In that way, you can only win, and the dark forces have no hold over you. The prince of this world will come and have nothing in you.

So many people have misunderstood that saying of mine. It does not mean that you have to be perfect or have attained full Christ consciousness before the devil will have nothing in you. It means that you need to adopt the attitude that you are willing to learn from your mistakes and forsake the serpentine lie, the lower consciousness, that is the source of all mistakes.

You are willing to acknowledge your mistakes without feeling guilty for having made a mistake. You simply learn from the mistake and immediately move higher on your spiritual path. You let a part of your human self die every day, as Paul said. You put off the old human, the carnal mind, and put on the Christ mind. When you have this attitude, the devil will have nothing in you whereby he can use your mistake to trick you. You might still have some serpentine beliefs left that will cause you to make mistakes, but those mistakes become stepping stones to progress.

You can indeed become free, and the first step is to a acknowledge that you made a mistake. The second step is to truly forsake the consciousness that caused you to make the mistake. You truly forsake the wrong belief, the serpentine lie, that caused you to make the mistake.

Once you have seen through and forsaken the lie, you must know that, at that very moment, your mistake has already been forgiven by God. This understanding brings you to the next step, where you need to make a conscious decision to accept God’s forgiveness and to simply move on without holding yourself back with a sense of guilt.

After having gone through this inner transformation, you then need to recognize that certain mistakes have consequences that reach beyond your own psyche. If the mistakes affected other parts of life, you will have created a karma in the form of misqualified energy. For you to be truly free of the mistake, the consequences of your actions need to be neutralized.

As I tried to explain, there is no need to feel guilty once you have abandoned the consciousness, the serpentine lie, that caused you to make a mistake. Once you have done so, you need to allow yourself to feel free of guilt. If you are not free of guilt, it shows you that you are being attacked by dark forces who are projecting this guilt into a your mind and emotional body. If you study my discourse on the levels of the material universe, you will see that there is much perversion in the emotional body of humankind. Therefore, it is very easy for the dark forces to use your mistakes to project the feelings of guilt into your emotional body.

My advice to you, and to all other people who have made a mistake for which they think there is no escape, is to contemplate the things I have said here. I strongly advise you to use the tools for spiritual protection to call for your mind and emotional body to be sealed from all dark forces and their projections of guilt, fear and other negative emotions. I advise you to use my call for the judgment of such dark forces, and you should call to Archangel Michael to bind and consume the dark forces attacking you personally. I also advise you to use the violet flame to consume all karma and all misqualified energy resulting from the mistake.

Finally, I advise you to use the technique for inner attunement to gain a deeper understanding of the serpentine lie that caused you to make the mistake.

You can also use this technique to give your sense of guilt to me.

Simply visualize that you enter the garden and sit down across from me.

Then visualize that you take your sense of guilt, or other negative emotions, and cram them into a tight ball.

Now visualize that you take that ball and throw it into my Sacred Heart, where it is instantly consumed by my unconditional and infinite love.

Give this exercise once a day until you feel that you are free of the guilt.

I can also assure you that giving Mother Mary’s Forgiveness Rosary and her Rosary for Rising Above the Past is an efficient way to balance karma and to transform negative energy, including the energy of guilt.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels