How to give decrees and affirmations

By Kim Michaels

Giving an decree or affirmation is easy to do. You simply read it aloud. Obviously, you can read the decree or affirmation right from your computer, but most people prefer to print it. In our STORE you can purchase an ebook with the decrees and affirmations, which makes it possible for you to store them on your smart phone or ebook reader, meaning you can carry them anywhere.

Be aware that for many spiritual people, speaking an affirmation or decree aloud might require a bit of an adjustment. The reason is that many of us are so used to meditating in silence. Yet once you decide to give it a sincere try, you will likely find that you quickly get used to it. The best motivation for continuing to give decrees and affirmations is that you experience that they work. You will often be amazed at how much more light you can invoke through the spoken word compared to silent meditation (not to say that silent meditation is not useful; it is simply that the spoken word is a very powerful force).

Where do I give a decree or affirmation?
You can do it anywhere, but most people prefer to sit in a private, quiet room, where they can remain undisturbed. Given that decrees and affirmations are short, you have great flexibility in how much time you spend on them. Thus, you can easily fit them into your daily schedule whenever you have a break.

You can sit at your computer and give a decree or affirmation, but most people prefer to sit in a more comfortable chair. Sit in a somewhat upright, but comfortable position. It helps the energies flow better.

When do I give a decree or affirmation?
You can give a decree or affirmation any time. Some people like to give one in the morning because the effect carries through the day and often makes your day easier. This is especially true for decrees that invoke spiritual protection, so that you are protected throughout the day. Then, in the evening you can give decrees for transmutation of lower energies and for cutting you free from whatever energies you pick up during the day. If you want a suggestion for getting started, Give the decree to Archangel Michael 9 times in the morning. Then, give the decrees to Astrea and Saint Germain nine times each in the evening.

How do I actually read the decree or affirmation?
Here is where we need to differentiate between affirmations and decrees.

An affirmation you simply read aloud, and you can do it slowly while focusing on your heart and meditating on the words, or you can do it more quickly. An affirmation you usually read only once or maybe three times.

For a decree, you have the decree itself, a preamble and a sealing. The preamble invokes the Presence of the master who sponsors the decree. After the preamble, you typically give a short statement that dedicates the decree to resolving a specific issue. After that you give the body of the decree, usually several times. And finally, you give the sealing once to complete the session and seal the energies and yourself.

Some decrees include a preamble, but you can make your own. Here is a simple example:

In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, Jesus Christ, I call to [name one or more masters] to direct the light into: [name specific conditions] in accordance with the perfect vision of Christ.

Some decrees include a sealing, but again you can make your own, for example:

In the name of the Christ, I call for the sealing of myself and all light invoked, in accordance with the perfect vision of Christ. Amen.

A decree rhymes, which means you can give it in a much more rhythmic manner, which invokes more light. You can indeed give a decree slowly while meditating on the words, and this is a good way to get started. You can also give a decree in a more powerful, almost staccato rhythm. And finally, you can give a decree more quickly, where it becomes a flow that almost has its own power behind it.

Because a decree rhymes, it has a certain rhythm, and it is important that you learn the correct rhythm. To do this, go to the Seven Elohim decrees and open up one of the specific decrees. For each decree there is a sound file that will teach you the correct rhythm.

There is almost no limit to how quickly you can give a decree, and experienced practitioners can give a decree so quickly that inexperienced people simply cannot hear the words. However, a decree is only effective when you engage your heart chakra, and thus it is more important to feel your heart being engaged than giving a decree quickly.

You typically give a decree several times. The ascended masters say that there are certain numbers that allow them to multiply the effect of a decree. These numbers are 3 times, 9 times, 14 times and 33 times.

If you have never tried decreeing before, it can take some practice to feel comfortable with he technique. Yet it will become much easier for you get results if you give the decrees along with a recording, and the best way to start is with the Elohim Decrees that you can purchase and download directly from our STORE.


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