How to ask for guidance concerning your divine plan

The Great Divine Director, December 14, 2009. Read the full dictation.

So do not come to me and ask me for direction on what specifically you should choose. Instead, come to me and ask me:

“Beloved Great Divine Director, show me your true Presence. I would know your flow of consciousness, I would be one with that flow of divine direction, I would follow that stream of divine direction up through the crystalline pyramid structure that you are, until I may sit on the white cube between Alpha and Omega and thus have the cosmic perspective on my situation on Earth. That I may then see what I do not see now, that I may grasp the real choice, the Christ choice in this situation. The Christ choice that is beyond the dualistic extremes—that I recognize are created by my perception, the perception that springs from my dramas, even colored by the epic dramas of the fallen consciousness. The consciousness of anti-Christ that will make me think that I only have two options, that are both defined by duality. Great Divine Director, part the veil that I may see beyond duality and see truly the clarity of divine direction.”


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