Decrees to the seven rays

As explained elsewhere, there is a hierarchy of spiritual beings who represent each of the seven spiritual rays.

The primary representatives of each ray are the Elohim (who manifested the material universe), the Archangel (who brings you the specific vibration of each ray) and the Chohan (who is the primary teacher for the ray).

Thus, calling to these three representatives is the most powerful way to invoke the spiritual light of a given ray. And the most powerful tools for calling to these beings are the decrees, listed below.

These decrees represent a special dispensation. Because they cover all of the basic spiritual rays, they are well-suited for giving you balanced growth towards your spiritual goals. They will also help you clear all of your chakras.

In order to make it both easier and more powerful for you to give these decrees, Kim Michaels has recorded all decrees in three versions:

  • Given nine times slowly, so that people who are new to decrees can learn the technique and build up a momentum.
  • Given 24 times with medium speed that most people can learn very quickly. This recording is suited for daily use or for decreeing while driving.
  • 36 times fast, so that experienced decreers can get the maximum effect. Note that these recordings are designed to be so fast and powerful that they lift you beyond your normal state of consciousness.

The decrees can be purchased and downloaded from our online STORE. For the first and second ray, there is a special toolkit that cotains all 9 recodings of decrees and a special dictation from the Chohan of the ray. In the toolkit, the 36 times recordings contain a short dictation from the master at the end of the decrees.


1st Ray: 

Use these decrees to invoke spiritual protection against lower energies or dark forces. Use them to increase strength, will power, determination and persistency. Use them to invoke your will to be creative. Clears your throat chakra.

1.01 Decree to Hercules and Amazonia

1.02 Decree to Archangel Michael

1.02 Decree to Master MORE


2nd Ray:

Use these decrees to invoke wisdom and increase your ability to discern between what is real and unreal. Use them to help you see through illusions and set the best priorities. Clears your crown chakra.

2.01 Decree to Apollo and Lumina

2.02 Decree to Archangel Jophiel

2.03 Decree to Master Lanto


3rd Ray:

Use these decrees to invoke love and increase your ability to both give and receive love. Use them to help you overcome the conditional love we have all been exposed to since childhood. This will help you be able to receive unconditional love from God and the ascended masters, and nothing will change your life more than experiencing God’s unconditional love. Clears your heart chakra.

3.01 Decree to Heros and Amora

3.02 Decree to Archangel Chamuel

3.03 Decree to Paul the Venetian


4th Ray:

Use these decrees to cut yourself free from lower energies and dark forces. Use them to break addictions or old habits. Also use them to increase your sense of what is pure and impure as well as your will to transcend the past and all lower manifestations. Clears your base chakra.

4.01 Decree to Astrea and Purity

4.02 Decree to Archangel Gabriel

4.03 Decree to Serapis Bey


5th Ray: 

Use these decrees for invoking the healing of both physical and psychological ailments. Use them to increase your sense of what is true and untrue, your ability to discern. Also use them to increase your sense of abundance. Clears your third eye chakra.

5.01 Decree to Cyclopea and Virginia

5.02 Decree to Archangel Raphael

5.03 Decree to Hilarion


6th Ray: 

Use this decree to protect yourself and cut yourself free from all inharmony and anti peace. Use it to increase your sense of inner peace and help yourself respond to outer situations in a more calm manner. Also use it to invoke your desire to be of service to all life. Clears your solar plexus chakra. 

6.01 Decree to Peace and Aloha

Decree to Archangel Uriel and Aurora

6.03 Decree to Lady Master Nada


7th Ray:

Use this decree to invoke the violet flame for transmuting everything from karma to misqualified energy. Use it to open up your ability to go with the creative flow and find more creative solutions to old problems. Use it to increase your sense of freedom, and especially for overcoming all attachments to your past. Clears your soul chakra.

7.01 Decree to Arcturus and Victoria

7.02 Decree to Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst

7.03 Decree to Saint Germain


There are many ways to use these decrees:

  • If you feel you are attracted to a certain ray, give the decree for that ray 36 times every day.
  • If you feel you need to develop the qualities of a certain ray, give the decree for that ray 36 times every day.
  • Give each of the seven decrees 9 times every day.
  • Give the decree for a certain ray 36 times on the day of the week corresponding to that ray (see the list below).
  • Give a decree to invoke intercession for specific problems or to strenghten certain qualities. See the description for each decree to the right.
  • Use a decree to clear the corresponding chakra. See the description for each decree to the right.
Spiritual ray Day of the week
First Ray Tuesday
Second Ray Sunday
Third Ray Monday
Fourth Ray Friday
Fifth Ray Wednesday
Sixth Ray Thursday
Seventh Ray Saturday



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