Archangel Michael, take command over the world

I Choose Life!
Beloved Archangel Michael, save me or I perish! (3X)
Archangel Michael, save me from the consciousness of death that causes me to identify myself as a mortal human being who is separated from my God.

Beloved Archangel Michael, thou Defender of my Faith, if people knew better, they would do better, and by the authority of my God-given free will I hereby declare that I am willing to know better. I am willing to be cut free from the lies of anti-christ that have enveloped my soul, so that I am caught in a spider web of lies from which there seems to be no way out. Archangel Michael, I am willing to rise above the consciousness of death and be free to see the truth of Christ and the shining reality of God. I am willing to see my God and no longer live as a human being but live as the spiritual being that I truly am.

Archangel Michael, I am willing to change my life. I am willing to lose my mortal sense of life, my mortal sense of identity, that is based on the limitations of this world and the duality of the carnal mind. I am willing to let mine eye be single, so that I can see beyond the subtle lies of the serpentine mind and be filled with the Light of Christ. I am willing to surrender my emotional attachments to the things of this world and the limitations that seem so real. I am willing to lose this sense of life to win the immortal life of the Christ consciousness and accept my true identity as a son/daughter of God.

Therefore I now say, with the full authority of my free will and the power of the Christ Flame within me:


I choose the consciousness of life, the Christ consciousness, and I accept that am alive forevermore in the light of Christ. I accept that behind all appearances of this world is the reality of my God, and therefore I vow to nevermore give permanency to any worldly appearances. I affirm that God is everywhere and therefore also in me.

I choose to be one with my God, and therefore I am the Presence of Archangel Michael in this world.

I claim planet Earth for God
By the authority of the Christ Flame within my heart, I claim planet Earth for God and for the Ascended Host. I will not allow the forces of anti-christ to destroy this planet in their attempt to prove that God was wrong by giving us free will. I will not allow them to destroy souls in their prideful quest for revenge against God. Therefore, I use my free will to choose the truth of Christ over the lies of anti-christ.

Beloved Archangel Michael, send billions of Blue-flame Angels to cut all souls free from the lies of anti-christ, the consciousness of death and the veil of separation. Beloved Jesus, send your angels of judgment to all souls and help them see beyond the duality of the carnal mind, so they can freely choose whom they will serve. Beloved Mother Mary, send your angels of unconditional love to set all souls free from fear. I call that all souls be empowered to make a completely free choice between the consciousness of death and the consciousness of life. By the authority of the Christ Flame within my heart, I call to the four corners of the Earth:


Archangel Michael, bind the souls who choose death and remove them from the Earth, so they cannot drag humanity down into their self-created Hell. Archangel Michael, protect those who choose life, so they can manifest the Christ consciousness and become the open doors for bringing God’s kingdom to Earth.

I claim planet Earth for God, and I accept Jesus Christ as the spiritual King of Earth, now and forever. Amen.

Awaken all people to the defense of life
Archangel Michael, manifest your Flaming Presence on Earth and send billions of Blue-flame angels to awaken all people to the need to defend life wherever it is being abused and destroyed. Cut free all people from the inertia, the indifference and the spiritual blindness that prevents them from seeing that people are being abused from the womb to the grave. Cut all people free from the emotional wounds, insensitivity and self-absorption that prevents them from saying: “Thus far and no farther, I will no longer allow the abuse of life on this planet!”

Archangel Michael, awaken people so they can come apart from the power elite, who misuse life and treat people as commodities or as chess pieces in their never-ending game for power and control. Help them come apart and be a separate and chosen people, a people who is elect unto God because they have chosen life, they have chosen to defend life against the dark forces that roam this planet, seeking whom they may devour.

Archangel Michael, enlighten people to the power of free will, so they can realize that you are willing to remove all darkness from this planet, but that you cannot act until we choose to come apart from the darkness by letting this mind be in us, which was also in Christ Jesus. I now use my free will to call to all people on Earth:


Wake up and defend life in the womb from abortion, violence and drugs. Defend all children from sexual and emotional abuse, child prostitution and slave labor. Defend the teenagers from drugs, peer pressure and the “If it feels good, do it!” culture. Defend adults from being treated as commodities and from being used as pawns by the power elite. Defend the elderly from being discarded as useless, instead of having their wisdom used constructively. Defend all life from the abusive mindset that nothing is ever enough or good enough.

Wake up and take back the power of your free will, and then give Archangel Michael and the Ascended Host the power to remove all darkness and bring God’s kingdom into manifestation on Earth! I claim planet Earth for God, and I accept Jesus Christ as the spiritual King of Earth, now and forever. Amen.


This affirmation is part of the following rosary. For an even more powerful effect, give the entire rosary.

Archangel Michael’s Rosary


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