1st Ray, Affirmations of God’s Will

1.64 I surrender the illusions of my ego

Beloved Mother Mary, I now understand that my ego was born when I chose to experiment with the consciousness of duality, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. I see that it was this duality that caused me to believe that I was separated from God and unworthy to be one with God. It was this sense of unworthiness that caused me to turn my back to God and think I could not or did not want to come back home to God’s kingdom. It was this duality that made me think God’s kingdom is outside myself.

Beloved Mother Mary, I accept you as my Spiritual Mother and I put my hand in your hand. I pray that you will lead my soul back to that original point of departure from oneness with my I AM Presence. I pray that you will help me penetrate the veil of the fear and pride of my ego, so that I can have the courage to look at that original decision and understand why I decided to turn away from my I AM Presence and my spiritual teacher.

Beloved Mother Mary, help me expose the serpentine lie that caused me to separate myself from God and help me see why my soul was vulnerable to believing in that lie. Help me look at this lie with no fear, no sense of shame, no guilt and no desire to defend my decision or make it seem like it wasn’t my fault. Help me simply look at that decision with complete clarity and none of the emotions that my ego has used to control my soul for so long. Help me accept that I made the original decision, and help me understand that by accepting this fact, I instantly gain the power to undo that decision by making a better choice.

Beloved Mother Mary, help me discover and internalize the truth of Christ that replaces the serpentine lie that gave birth to my ego. Help me lovingly surrender the serpentine lie and all illusions that spring from it. Hold my hand as I turn around and face the shining reality of my I AM Presence and accept that my soul is an individualization of that Presence and that my Presence is an individualization of God. Help me accept that I am a son/daughter of God and that I am worthy to be one with my Presence and thus one with God. Oh Mother Mary, help my soul reach the point of full and final surrender, where I am willing to let the ego die so that I can win the immortal life of the Christ consciousness.

1.65 I surrender the consciousness of death

Beloved Jesus, I now understand that the consciousness of duality is the consciousness of death that will lead to the dissolution of my soul. I see that I have been caught in a net of ego-illusions from which there seems to be no way out. Yet I accept that there is a way out, namely to take the hand of my Christ self, so that I can walk with Christ upon the raging waters of my ego-consciousness.

Beloved Jesus, I now see that it was the ego-illusions that turned you into an idol and set you up on a pedestal beyond my reach. I now see that you came to set an example that I can follow and thereby escape the jungle of ego-illusions. Beloved Jesus, I now accept you as my older brother, and I pray that you will help me confront all fears of being the Christ in action here on Earth.

Beloved Jesus, help me overcome all fear of confronting dark forces by taking a stand for truth. Help me accept that the devil can only tempt and manipulate me through the ego-illusions. Therefore, when I surrender all illusions, the prince of this world comes and has nothing in me.

Beloved Jesus, help me understand and internalize the truth that I am not interfering with other people’s free will by challenging their ego-illusions. On the contrary, I am being the one sent from God to rescue them from spiritual death by giving them a morsel of Christ truth. And although they may rail against me and accuse me falsely for your sake, I am being an emissary of the unconditional love of God that will not leave a soul trapped in an illusion of conditional love.

Beloved Jesus, help me always have the non-attachment that keeps my eye single instead of becoming trapped in dualistic arguments. Help me never engage people at the level of the dualistic mind. Help me stay above all duality and bring the unified vision of the Christ mind into every situation. Beloved Jesus, walk with me as we give people the truth that will make them free.

1.66 I vow to defend the Divine Mother and her children

Beloved Mother Mary, I accept my potential to become the Christ in embodiment and attain the power to protect Mother Earth and all life from the forces of darkness. I hereby declare that I will not turn my back upon my responsibility. I will indeed take a stand for truth by becoming one with the will of my I AM Presence. I vow to fulfill the divine plan that my soul made before I took embodiment. I affirm that, by the grace of God, my embodiment IS a victory for the Light.

Beloved Jesus, help me avoid falling into the trap of thinking that I have to fight against evil. Help me accept and internalize the truth that I of my own self, meaning my soul and ego, can do nothing. It is the Christ within me who is the true doer because only the Christ can be the open door for the Light of my I AM Presence. And only the Light of my Presence can manifest God’s will and God’s kingdom on Earth.

Beloved Jesus, take my hand and help me identify and surrender all ego-illusions, until I reach the point of truth where I can fully accept and declare that, “I and my I AM Presence are one.” Help me acknowledge that “My I AM Presence works hitherto and I work,” and therefore God in me can consume the lies of anti-christ wherever they are found.

Beloved Jesus, walk with me as we give people the truth that will set them free and help them penetrate the veil of ego-illusions that separates them from the kingdom of God within them. Help me give people your Living Word so they can accept the life of the Christ consciousness by internalizing the truth and the love of Christ. Help people see that we are co-creators and that we are here to bring God’s kingdom to Earth.

1.67 I call forth God’s will on Earth

In the name of the Presence of God’s will, in the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of Mother Mary, I say: “No more! I will separate myself from the anti-will and from all darkness. And I will BE the will of God manifest on Earth.” I demand the manifestation of God’s will, so that all people are given the opportunity to make a free and enlightened choice concerning whether they will serve Christ or the ego, God or evil.

I accept that God wants all people to choose the higher will out of love, but that they cannot make a free choice while they are blinded by dualistic ego-illusions. Therefore, I call for the Universal Mind of Christ and each person’s individual Christ self to give them the crystal-clear truth that will make them free from all ego-illusions. I also call to all people, and I say, “Choose life! Choose the life of Christ over the death of the ego!” Therefore, I say to the four corners of the Earth:


In the name of the Presence of God’s will, I declare that I am taking a stand for God’s will. By the authority of the Christ Flame within my heart, I demand the manifestation of God’s kingdom on Earth. I will not stand by and watch the forces of darkness destroy this planet and my spiritual brothers and sisters. Therefore, I AM the open door for God’s will to consume the anti-will of my own ego, the egos of all people and all dark forces. I surrender my ego, and as I am raised up, I draw all people closer to God. I affirm that Archangel Michael and his legions consume all darkness on Earth, raising the Earth into the glorious new day of God’s will for each soul. There IS Light and only Light on Earth.

1.68 I am the light of the world

The kingdom of heaven is at hand—and I accept it NOW.

I do not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

I do not tempt the Lord my God. I worship the Lord my God, and him only do I serve.

I am beyond spiritual pride, and mine is the kingdom of heaven.

I am meek, and I accept the Earth as my rightful inheritance.

I continually hunger and thirst after righteousness, yet I am indeed filled.

I am merciful, and I accept God’s mercy.

I am pure in heart, and I see God.

I am a peacemaker, and I am among the children of God.

I know that when I am persecuted for righteousness’ sake, mine is the kingdom of heaven.

When people revile me and persecute me, and say all manner of evil against me falsely, for Christ’s sake, I rejoice, and I am exceeding glad, for great is my reward in heaven.

I am the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

I let my inner light so shine before people that they may see my good works, and glorify my Father which is in the kingdom of God that is within me and within themselves.


Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012