2nd Ray, Affirmations for Consuming Fear

2.81 Oh Mother Mary, help us see beyond limitations

Oh Mother Mary, awaken the people who are serious about winning their victory and their ascension in the light. Help us realize that in order to win our victory we must follow the call of Jesus. We must be willing to “lose our lives,” meaning our mortal sense of identity, in order to find the immortal life of the Christ consciousness.

Help people tune in to, reconnect to and realign ourselves with the basic force behind all creation, the Presence of Unconditional Love that drives even God to become more. Help us experience the unconditional love that we have never experienced in this world.

Help us overcome all limitations and all imperfections in this world and rise above the limited, imperfect sense of identity as mortal human beings, as sinners who are forever condemned to be separated from our God.

Help us never allow ourselves to stand still, to become trapped in and attached to any limited sense of identity, any limited sense of life. Help us transcend the illusion of separation from God that is the root cause of all fear.

2.82 Oh Mother Mary, help us surrender all anti-love

Oh Mother Mary, awaken the spiritual people to our potential to let the unstoppable force of God, the unconditional love of God that drives all life to become more, consume all limited sense of identity and tear down the Tower of Babel that has become a prison wall around our conscious selves.

Help us accept that God loves us with a love that is all-consuming, and therefore it consumes all anti-love. Help us surrender all attachments to a limited, imperfect self image, which is the essence of anti-love in our beings. Help us accept that we truly are sons/daughters of the most high God, and that we have the potential to become all that God is.

Help us accept that we were created by the Creator to be extensions of itself and to go into the world of form to help the entire world of form become conscious of the fact that it is created by God and that it has the potential to self-transcend and become all that God is.

Help us accept that because we were created with a divine potential, and because we volunteered to descend to planet Earth for this eternal mission, we cannot allow ourselves to stand still in a sense of identity that was built from the imperfect images and beliefs found in this world. Help us leave behind the lies of the serpents who deliberately chose to rebel against God’s beautiful plan for this magnificent universe. Help us align ourselves with God’s eternal purpose to create a universe of unlimited beauty through constant self-transcendence.

2.83 Oh Mother Mary, help us remember our first love 

Oh Mother Mary, help the spiritual people remember that before we came into this world, we made a choice to come here. Help us remember the moment when our I AM Presences stood before God, as God made the call for those who were willing to descend into God’s latest creation, the material universe itself, and help it become a self-aware universe that could start the spiral of self-transcendence leading to full God consciousness.

Help us remember how we stood there in that central hall before the throne of God and looked out over the vastness of this beautiful universe with its multitudes of galaxies and solar systems and planets. Help us remember that we saw plain as day the fact that someone had to descend into that universe to start the spiral, the ascending spiral of self-awareness, that would lead the entire universe to become self-conscious and to become conscious of the self as God.

Help us remember how our I AM Presences looked upon this vast universe and felt the unconditional love of God, the drive for self-transcendence, well up from the very center of our Beings. Help us remember how we looked at God and said, “Here I am Lord, send me! I will go and bring your unconditional love into this universe until all becomes an expression of that unconditional love.”

2.84 Oh Mother Mary, help us take full responsibility for our lives

Oh Mother Mary, help people understand that all of our suffering, all of our pain, all of our limitations are due to the fact that we have forgotten our first love, the original love of our I AM Presences from which our conscious selves were born.

Help us understand that our conscious selves were born out of the unconditional love of our I AM Presences that gave the Presence the drive to become more than it is, more than I am. And as a result of that drive to become more, the Presence created the conscious self and descended into the material universe unto planet Earth itself. We came here to help raise the Earth to become Freedom’s Star, to become a sun in its own right that will radiate light to an entire galaxy.

Help us understand that over many lifetimes in the dense energies of this planet, we forgot the original desire, the original love of our Presences, and we gradually accepted a limited sense of identity as mortal human beings who are trapped on this planet.

Help us understand that there is an ongoingness to who we are as self-conscious beings who are part of the grand plan of our God.


Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012