Affirmation for consuming the consciousness of war

Prayer for Ecstatic peace
Lord, I choose to BE an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred, I AM the Flame of Love.
Where there is injury, I AM the Flame of Justice.
Where there is doubt, I AM the Flame of Truth.
Where there is despair, I AM the Flame of Vision.
Where there is darkness, I AM the Light of the world.
Where there is sadness, I AM the Flame of Blissful Joy.

O Divine Master, I chose to console others and in so doing find your consolation.
I chose to understand others and in so doing find your understanding.
I chose to love others and in so doing find your love for me.
For it is in giving of ourselves to others that we receive more of you.
It is in forgiving others that we find your forgiveness.
It is in letting the ego die that we are reborn into the eternal life of being the Living Christ—on Earth as we are in Heaven, now and foreverMORE.

It is when we dare to BE here below all that we are Above that the Earth will be here below all that she is in the heart of God. And thus I AM the Golden Age made manifest, as I love God’s flame of Ecstatic Peace with all my heart, soul and mind. For I AM the light of the world, and as long as I AM in the world, there is peace on Earth and God’s will toward all life.

I choose to see the reality of war
I choose to recognize the fundamental reality that God has given us humans command over the Earth. Thus, we are the only ones who have the authority to bring peace and stop war. We have the authority to stop war but we do not have the power. God has the power to stop war but does not have the authority.

I recognize that no amount of violence or force can bring peace to Earth, for we cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem. Peace can never be brought about through fear but only when the Flame of Ecstatic Peace consumes all fear, hatred and injustice. I choose to surrender all fear into the Flame of Ecstatic Peace that I may be one with that flame. In that oneness I AM free from the paralyzing fear of war and I AM willing to take a stand for peace.

I now choose to recognize the Law of the One, whereby one person can become the open door for the power of God to flow into this world. I declare that I AM willing to embody the Flame of Ecstatic Peace. I AM willing to let that flame consume the warring in my own members so that I am no longer a house divided against itself. I AM willing to be whole so that my wholeness becomes the acceptable offering that God can multiply.

I now choose to recognize that with men it is impossible to bring peace, but with God all things are possible. I use my free will to claim my God-given authority over the Earth. I lovingly give that authority to Archangel Michael and I command Archangel Michael and his legions of angels to march around this planet to consume the consciousness of anti-peace and all energies misqualified through war.

Archangel Michael, awaken all people to the reality that they feel powerless only because they have allowed a power elite to set themselves up between the people and their God. Awaken them from the illusion that people can reach God only through an institution or its leaders. Help people see that the kingdom of God is within them, and thus they can reach God in their hearts and God can work through his people. Thus, when we, the people of God, give God the authority to remove war from the Earth, God will indeed multiply our good works until only peace remains. I now use my free will to call to all spiritual people everywhere:


I choose to enter the Path of Peace
I choose to recognize the fundamental reality that wars do not start themselves—wars are started by people. I choose to recognize that war is a product of the collective consciousness of humankind. It is only because there is a warring in the collective consciousness that physical war is possible. And this warring in the collective consciousness will not be removed until a critical mass of individuals overcome the warring in their own members.

I now choose to be a forerunner for bringing peace to the collective consciousness. I AM willing to look at the beam in my own eye and remove all division and warring in my being. I am willing to have exposed all elements of the consciousness of anti-christ, and I will surrender them into the flame of Ecstatic Peace. Thus, by first removing the beam in my own eye, I will gain the vision to help others remove the consciousness of war from their minds. I will also gain the moral authority to demand that the consciousness of war be removed from this planet.

I choose to recognize the fundamental reality that although it is the collective consciousness that sets the stage for war, there must still be people who are willing to start wars. Therefore, all wars have been started by a small elite who are absolutely committed to power. I recognize that I have no right to interfere with these people’s free will. Yet I do have the right to become the instrument of their judgment so that they must face the choice to either abandon their warring ways or be removed from this planet. Therefore, I say with Jesus, “For judgment I AM come and it is time to judge the consciousness of war and all beings who embody it!”

I now call to all spiritual people on Earth to unite in internalizing and applying Jesus’ master strategy for combatting war, namely that a critical mass of spiritual people take a stand for peace and give God the authority to judge and remove the forces of war from this planet.
I now take my stand and I say: “Enough is enough! Let the consciousness of war be judged and removed so that peace will reign on Earth!”

Beloved Jesus, help all people see that peace is not a passive force. Peace is a dynamic force but instead of engaging in dualistic struggles, it brings the Light and the Truth of God. Thus, the Flame of Dynamic Peace is a consuming fire that sets people free from the illusions that blind them to the true cause of war.

Beloved Jesus, help all spiritual people see that we all came from the same source and that we are part of the One Body of God on Earth. Thus, we must stand as one and refuse to let the power elite divide and conquer us with their dualistic illusions. I now use my free will to call to all spiritual people everywhere:


I choose to come apart from the Cain consciousness
I now choose to recognize that a major factor behind all war is the Cain consciousness that prevents people from being their brother’s keeper. I am willing to transcend that consciousness and leave it behind. I am willing to surrender all rigidity of mind and let God be the doer in my life. Thus, I never need to feel that I have less, can accomplish less of is of lesser worth than any other human being.

I now choose to take full responsibility for my life and to stop blaming other people or God for my circumstances. I take ownership of my situation and I recognize that my outer circumstances are a reflection of my state of consciousness. Thus, I surrender all elements of my consciousness that prevent me from receiving the abundant life that it is God’s good pleasure to give me. Thus, I will never again feel jealous of other people but look to God as the source of all good and perfect things.

I choose to leave the school of hard knocks and instead ask for Divine Direction from within, so that I can overcome everything that separates me from God and separates me from the oneness of all life. I am willing to recognize the oneness of all life and I am indeed my brother’s keeper. Therefore, I can raise my brothers and sisters by raising my own consciousness and drawing all people unto me as I am lifted up. I now see that the best way to be my brother’s keeper is to keep my own heart and mind pure.

I choose to overcome all elements of anti-love in my being. I now receive God’s unconditional love for me so that I can fully love myself. And in loving myself as God loves me, I can finally love my neighbor as myself.

Mother Mary and Mother Liberty, awaken all people to the need to defend life against the forces of violence and war. Cut free all people from the inertia, the indifference and the spiritual blindness that prevents us from seeing that people are being sacrificed on the insatiable altar of war. Awaken all people so we can come apart from the power elite, who misuse life and treat people as commodities or as chess pieces in their never-ending game for power and control. I now use my free will to call to all spiritual people everywhere:


I choose to be free from war
I now choose to accept full responsibility for my own mind and my own life, thus attaining freedom from the sense that I am a victim of forces beyond my control. I recognize that I can be truly free only when I have the power to choose my reactions to any situation. I am free only when I can choose to respond with love no matter what life sends my way.
I choose to recognize that when people are blinded by the consciousness of anti-christ, they cannot see beyond the dualistic struggle for superiority. Thus, they cannot see a peaceful solution to conflict and they cannot see that all conflict springs from the illusion of separation. I choose to rise above this duality and reach for the single-eyed vision of the Christ mind that allows me to see the underlying oneness of all life.

I recognize that only when I see the oneness of all life can I respond with love to all situations. And only when I come from love will I see that there is a non-violent solution to every problem, crisis or conflict. Only those who are free from duality can be the open doors for bringing that solution into the material realm for all to see. Thus, I declare that I am willing to be the open door for the non-violent solutions of the Christ mind and for the Flame of Ecstatic Peace that will consume all opposition to their implementation.

Saint Germain, help all people realize that true freedom can come only when people are willing to rise above their past, to forgive all past actions rather than feeling guilty or holding a grudge. Help people see that there is only one way to overcome the vicious cycle of one war setting the stage for the next war, and that is for people to forgive unconditionally. Help people know that they can be made whole in the Violet Flame of Forgiveness that erases all imperfect energies from the past, washing them clean to begin the new day with a clear mind and a pure heart. Help people realize that the pure in heart shall see God and in seeing God shall no longer live as humans but be reborn into their true identity as sons and daughters of God. And only in the realization that all are part of the Body of God can there be peace on Earth and good will among all people. I now use my free will to call to all spiritual people everywhere:



This affirmation is part of a longer invocation. For an even more powerful effect, give the entire invocation.

Invocation for World Peace


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