A tool for overcoming the temptation to turn away from oneness

Master MORE (El Morya), May 27, 2006. This tool was given in the following message.

Beware of the temptation
And if I possibly could, I would love to see all of you make that switch, make that turn of the dial of consciousness, whereby you realize that you can – at this moment – come into Oneness with the WIll of God—if you are willing to give up every aspect of the lower will of the ego.

Thus, I will give you another tool. Whenever you sense you are dealing with a particular concept or problem in your psychology or an outside situation or force, keep in mind that you are being tempted by the prince of this world, as Jesus was tempted after his stay in the wilderness. See that the prince of this world and your ego are standing right next to you, whispering in your ear something that takes you away from that sense of inner Oneness. And then create for yourself, depending on the situation you are dealing with, an affirmation that counteracts what is coming to you from the ego and the forces of deception.

Create an affirmation or a habit of centering in the heart so that you turn their own strategy against them. So that their very attempts to take you away from the centeredness in the heart becomes an encouragement for you to make an extra effort to center yourself in the heart, in the oneness with the Will of God. If it helps you, visualize my presence with you in your heart as the Presence of the Will of God, the Master of the Will of God. Then by all means I will be happy to be there, and so will any other Master on the Seven Rays, or whomever Master you are currently working with.

But fix in your mind the idea that when your ego and the forces of this world are trying to get you away from Oneness, then use their own tactic to come closer to Oneness, to center in Oneness, to BE in Oneness. And then you will see that the devil will flee from you, as he fled from Jesus when he realized that Jesus was not going to be tempted.

Don’t take the devil too seriously
This my beloved, is indeed an important key. And when you use their own tactics to center in Oneness, you can overcome the tendency to take yourself, and the devil, and the ego, too seriously. And then you can employ what I have said in my past lives, when I said as Thomas More, “The devil, the proud spirit, cannot endure to be mocked.” And then you can laugh at the devil, and he will flee, for he cannot stand the sound of laughter, especially when you are laughing at him.

But even when you are happy and laughing out of the pure joy of being alive on Earth, the devil flees. For he cannot stand those who are happy, are centered and at peace. They disturb him! And that is why some of you will notice in your lives that you have met people who are angry with you, or blaming you for seemingly no outer reason. But it was your light, your inner light, your peace, your happiness, essentially your God Flame, that disturbed them. And thus they were agitated because they saw that if you could be More, then they could be More too. But because they were not willing to change ,they did not want to be around you. So they wanted to drag you down into their own misery so that they had an excuse for not changing themselves.

My beloved, do not take these people so seriously; they have no power over you. And thus, I say to you, find a way to center in the Oneness in the Heart. Find a way to laugh at the conditions that seem so dire. And do not allow yourself to enter into the vibration of thinking that the world is going to hell in a hand basket, for I assure you that it is not.

No matter what challenges may come upon this planet, this planet will go up into the Golden Age. And it will do so because we the Ascended Host up Above do not accept anything less than the immaculate concept for the Golden Age of Aquarius, held in the mind of Saint Germain. And we know that there are sufficient numbers of people in embodiment who likewise will not accept anything less. And we sincerely hope that all of you will count yourselves among them, and therefore not allow yourselves to go into that lower vibration that focuses on the problems and makes them seem so insurmountable that you cannot close the gap between where the Earth is now and the perfection of the Golden Age.

My beloved, the Earth has moved forward tremendously over the past century. And although you see many problems, there is an underlying progress that is indeed immense and cannot be stopped by the forces of darkness. For had they been able to stop it, they would have done so, ten years, a hundred years, a thousand years, or ten thousand years ago. And thus, the very fact that the Earth is still in existence is proof that the dark forces do not have the power to destroy this beautiful planet. For there are enough people who would not go down with them and thereby drag the Earth into their self-created hell.

Thus my beloved I have spoken my peace, and I too congratulate you, and I extend my gratitude. Therefore, I seal you in the peace that comes from knowing you are One with the Will of God. Be it so!


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