A tool for discerning what is right and not right for you

Master MORE (El Morya), May 27, 2006. 

I come to you also with great joy. El Morya I AM, and I AM indeed the Master of the First Ray of the Will of God. So I come to you to give you a discourse on the path of Oneness. For where shall we start people on the path of Oneness if we do not start them at the beginning, at the first ray of the Will of God? For how can you come into Oneness until you have come into Oneness with the Will of God, and stop seeing the Will of God as an external will of the angry being in the sky, and realizing that the Will of God is the Will of your own higher Being—as has been said in several rosaries and was said by beloved Hercules yesterday.

Thus, my beloved, I come to tell you that the key element of starting the spiritual path is indeed to realign your will with the higher will of your own Being, that you may be of one Will instead of being divided, having so many different wills fighting for your attention or for control of your lower being that you scarcely know which one to follow.

This, my beloved, is a most unfortunate state, and I feel great compassion for the great many people in the world who are so scattered and drawn hither and yon by the many different wills screaming for their attention. So my beloved, the only way to overcome this is to be aware of the stillness, as Mother Mary has said. For it is only in the stillness that you can reconnect to the higher will of your own being.

Come into Oneness with me…
Thus I come with a suggestion that might help you. My beloved, the path of Oneness requires you to attain oneness on all seven rays. Therefore, when you encounter any impulse coming at you – whether it comes at you from the outside or whether it comes at you from inside your own being – and when you suspect that it might not be the higher Will of your I AM Presence, then say to that impulse, “Come into Oneness with me in the Will of God.” And then, instead of frantically following that impulse, center in your heart, in that Oneness. Reach for the stillness of the oneness with the Will of God, and then you will know – through the resonance or non-resonance – whether the impulse is in alignment with your Higher Will.

Now, some of you have mastered the initiations on the first ray, and have moved on to one of the other rays. And thus you can discern by using an affirmation on any ray, “Come into Oneness with me, in the Wisdom of God,” “Come into Oneness with me in the Love of God.” And even those of you who have moved beyond the seven rays, and are facing the initiations of the eight ray, can use a similar affirmation. Eventually, when you start to know your God Flame you can say, “Come into Oneness with me in …” and then describe your God Flame.

Because when you have contact with your God Flame, when you start to establish Oneness with your God Flame, you have the ultimate means for discerning the spirits. Because you will know whether something resonates with your God Flame or does not. And if it does not resonate, you do not have to judge it as being good or bad, you simply leave it behind as not being for You.


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