A novena for getting a clearer vision of your divine plan

The Great Divine Director, December 14, 2009. Read the full dictation.

Give a novena to me
But from now on, I shall address only those who are willing to go beyond their perception, who are willing to know their divine plans. For I have come with an offer. If you are willing to know your divine plan, then do a novena to me. Use my decree, (there are two decrees to the Divine Director and you can use either one for the novena) give it 14 times a day, listen to this dictation if you will – or listen to just a part of it as you have time – to tune in to my vibration, that is truly flowing as a crystalline structure through these words. Tune in to my presence. Give the decree, and then sit with a notebook and a clean white page, and write down whatever comes to you, whatever comes to you without analyzing, without judging, without evaluating. Write, and let it flow.

If you will do this for 33 days, you will have a different perspective on yourself, on your life, on the spiritual path and on your divine plan. What will be revealed, will be in accordance with your willingness to see beyond your current perception and to recognize the limitations of perception, to recognize the mechanism whereby you need to reach beyond your current mental state, beyond the perception that springs from a higher mental state, that is your etheric, your identity level, outlook at life. Be willing to see that deeper approach to life that you have, and then be willing to see beyond it, to see its limitations, to see that there is a different way to look at life—a Christ way to look at life. A way that is so far beyond the human way that the outer mind cannot fathom it. But the conscious self can experience it, can be one with it, can see through it. And thus, can then express it through your outer mind and your physical body. You can live it, you can co-create that higher reality, but first you must tune in to it and experience it, and know that this is the real you.

And thus, my release is complete, your cups are running over. Some of you, if you are honest, will notice that even some time ago your chakras were so filled that they could not handle any more light, and thus you experienced various kinds of discomforts and you just wanted this to end. There are even those who will not be able to listen to the entirety of this release, for the light will stir up their own substance, will stir up their unwillingness to look beyond their perception, and thus they simply had to stop, for they cannot take it any more.

The school of hard knocks is not a pleasant place to be. We offer you an alternative. If you will take me up on my offer, I will give you a sense of divine direction. But you must be willing to look beyond your desire to have your current belief system, your current world view, even your current perception, confirmed. And I must warn you also that if you will know true divine direction, you must transcend any desire, any need, to use any form of divination, any form of mechanical device that supposedly gives you answers, especially devices or techniques that give you “yes” or “no” answers. For “yes” and “no” should be clearly seen as being in the realm of duality.

But any device, any technique, where you ask questions and seek answers should be recognized as being limited by your questions. And your questions are the products of your current mental state and perception. So how can you ask questions beyond your mental state and perception? The simple reality is that you cannot, and therefore the answers you get through such techniques cannot take you beyond your mental state and your perception. And thus, there is a great risk that they will simply solidify your mental state and your perception, until you believe it is the only form of perception. It is the highest perception, the only truth, and that is when you are truly stuck in a catch-22, where you cannot tune in to anything beyond the mental box that has now become like a bank vault that is impenetrable by anything from the spiritual realm.

I, the Great Divine Director, cannot for very long work with a mind that is not willing to question its perception, but wants mechanical answers from the realm of duality. How can such a mind fathom the crystalline structure that I am, the stream of consciousness that I AM, the soundless sound, produced by the crystalline structure and sent as a flowing stream of consciousness to the entire cosmos?

Ah, this is beyond the music of the spheres. It is a sound so delicate, so beautiful, so moving to those who are willing to attune, that it will lift you up on wings of angels, so to speak, that you will float upwards on that soundless sound, tuning in to ever higher expressions of it, being lifted by it, up through the crystalline structure. You may think for a while that at the top, will be some clearly defined form, some clearly defined being, that is the Great Divine Director. But when you come to the very top, to the very apex of the pyramid, you are no longer looking up. You turn around and you look at the entire structure, and you realize that it is the entire structure that is the Great Divine Director, every level of it, every part of it, for it is a whole, an indivisible whole—and that is divine direction. You may be part of that divine direction, but only if you know pure awareness, know yourself as the nexus between the Creator and its creation.

Divine direction is a flame of such beauty that, untold eons ago, I fell in love with it. I too was an individual being, I too had a localized self-awareness. I was not in embodiment on Earth or even in the material universe, not even in your sphere; it was in a higher sphere. But I had raised my consciousness until I could hear this beautiful sound, like a homing beacon calling me home. And as I meditated upon it, merged with it and followed it, I recognized it as the flame of divine direction, the vibration of divine direction, the stream of divine direction. And I decided that I wanted to know every aspect, every possible expression of divine direction. And so, I merged myself with it, until I transcended the stage of an individualized being and attained the level of consciousness of a cosmic being, holding the office, the flame, the vision of divine direction for an entire cosmos. Yet being able to manifest my Presence at any point in that crystalline structure that stretches throughout the cosmos.

Certainly there are pockets of such density that no being inside of it can tune in to divine direction. Yet divine direction is beyond time and space and is thus everywhere present. You are a conscious self. If you will look beyond your perception and your mental state and tune in to the pure awareness that you are, then that pure awareness can also tune in to divine direction. And you can know me even as you are known by me. For the knower and the known become one in the gnosis that is the oneness between Creator and creation, between the masculine and feminine aspect of God. Where those who are in a Mother realm, in the realm of expression, awaken to know themselves as extensions of the Father. And thus, in them, Father and Mother are one.

Be sealed, my beloved in the gift of divine direction—if you will follow it all the way home. For I am home.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels