8.58 Oh Mother Mary, I am whole in the River of Life

In the beginning was only oneness between the two polarities of Being, the Father and the Mother, the masculine and the feminine. Likewise, as I first descended, my conscious self was aligned with the will and purpose of my spiritual self.

As I fell and created the ego and started believing in the illusion of separation, I lost this integration. And since then, I have had a division between my higher and lower being. I now see that the true goal of the spiritual path is to get back to the state of integration, the state of wholeness. When I am whole, my lower being is a perfect expression of my Higher Being, and thus the Light of Life, the River of Life, can flow through my Being.

I now see that my lower being, my conscious self, came into this world in order to express its creativity and make free choices. Yet I also see that my creativity can only flow freely when my conscious self is in alignment with the will and purpose of my own Higher Being, my spiritual self.

Thus, I now see that the very cause of my fall into separation was that I came to believe in the lie that God is a tyrant who wants to restrict my creativity and take away my free will. I came to believe that only by going against my own higher will, my own Higher Being, could I be truly free and creative. I now see that when my conscious self goes against my own Higher Being, I will inevitably create a division in my being, and thus I become a house divided against itself. This makes it impossible for me to find peace of mind and to attain the fulfillment of knowing I am being what I came here to be. Thus, as long as I allow this division to remain, I will never be fulfilled.

I now reconnect to my highest love, which is my love for the original purpose for which I came to Earth, namely to share my light and express my true creativity. Thus, I surrender myself fully to the only true path of spiritual growth, namely the path of integration between my higher and lower being. I separate myself from the false path, which says that the feminine polarity of my being, my conscious self, is the enemy of spiritual growth and must be controlled and suppressed. I now see that the false teachers first tricked me into misusing my free will by going against my higher will. They then made me believe that I can only make wrong choices, and thus I should let them and my ego control my choices.

I now realize that the true enemy of my growth is the lie that I can be saved only by letting the ego or the false teachers control my conscious self. Thus, I vow to stop denying my true identity and to stop restricting my true creativity. I see that once my conscious self realizes and accepts that it is an individualization of my spiritual self, I will make right choices. Thus, instead of seeking to restrict my conscious self, I now seek to set my conscious self free to be who I truly am, who I already am in God’s reality.

Thus, I lovingly let go of all the ego’s illusions and immerse myself into the flow of the River of Life itself. I stop holding on to the illusions of the ego, and I allow my eye to be single in the vision of Christ, so that I can see my divine plan and let my God-given creativity flow as my gift to all life. Thus, I accept my wholeness and my freedom to Be here below, all that I am Above—and MORE.


Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012