6.76 I invoke the power of the Divine Feminine

I invoke the Infinite Power of the Divine Feminine to raise the Ma-ter light to be in alignment with the perfect will of the Divine Masculine. I am the open door for the all-encompassing vision of the Divine Son, manifesting, through the eternal flow of the Holy Spirit, the Immaculate Concept for awakening people to the fact that the time both before and after the year 2012 represents an important growth opportunity for humankind.

I call into manifestation that a critical mass of people be awakened to how our consciousness affects every aspect of life on Earth, even the physical planet and the balance of nature. I demand that this realization will come into the physical and produce positive change in the behavior of individuals and nations.

I call forth an awakening of the most spiritually aware people, the top ten percent, to the lessons we need to learn, so we can bring forth a shift in the collective consciousness. I call for the consuming of all denial that prevents people from seeing that if we do not acknowledge how our consciousness affects the Earth Mother, then the lesson must be learned by physical events, such as earth changes, natural disasters, climatic changes, or wars.

I call forth an awakening of the top ten percent from all focus on dire prophecies and all fear of the future. I call for people to be awakened to the supreme realism that with God – working through us – all things are possible. I call for people to be awakened to true peace, the inner peace that passes understanding and is independent of world conditions. I call for the spiritual people to be awakened to the childlike innocence that gives them a real sense of peace and optimism about the future and a vision of Saint Germain’s Golden Age.

Beloved Mother Mary, I give my fear and doubt to you, and I send it all into your Immaculate Heart, where it is instantly consumed by your infinite love. I acknowledge the power of surrender that empowers me to be centered and thus not only be at peace but to BE peace in this world. Thus, I affirm that I AM the Flame of Peace on Earth, the open door for the infinite peace of the Buddha that consumes the illusions of the consciousness of war.


Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012