6.73 I choose to come apart from the Cain consciousness

I now choose to recognize that a major factor behind all war is the Cain consciousness that prevents people from being their brother’s keeper. I am willing to transcend that consciousness and leave it behind. I am willing to surrender all rigidity of mind and let God be the doer in my life. Thus, I never need to feel that I have less, can accomplish less or is of lesser worth than any other human being.

I now choose to take full responsibility for my life and to stop blaming other people or God for my circumstances. I take ownership of my situation and I recognize that my outer circumstances are a reflection of my state of consciousness. Thus, I surrender all elements of my consciousness that prevent me from receiving the abundant life that it is God’s good pleasure to give me. Thus, I will never again feel jealous of other people but look to God as the source of all good and perfect things.

I choose to leave the school of hard knocks and instead ask for Divine Direction from within, so that I can overcome everything that separates me from God and separates me from the oneness of all life. I am willing to recognize the oneness of all life and I am indeed my brother’s keeper. Therefore, I can raise my brothers and sisters by raising my own consciousness and drawing all people unto me as I am lifted up. I now see that the best way to be my brother’s keeper is to keep my own heart and mind pure.

I choose to overcome all elements of anti-love in my being. I now receive God’s unconditional love for me so that I can fully love myself. And in loving myself as God loves me, I can finally love my neighbor as myself.


Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012