6.67 Meditation on the Rose of Peace

In the name of the Elohim of peace, in the name of Jesus Christ, I invoke the Rose of Peace and I visualize the Rose of Peace over my solar plexus chakra and the solar plexus chakras of all people in… (name a location or situation where you want to bring peace). 

INSTRUCTIONS: Silently visualize a rose that is pure white in appearance and is self-luminous. Visualize it radiating light into the Earth or a specific situation, how it enfolds the situation with a brilliant white light from within itself.

Visualize the Rose of Peace over your solar plexus chakra and the chakras of other people. Visualize how it radiates its light and spreads its fragrance of peace until your entire energy field is filled with that light and that fragrance. When you encounter conditions on Earth where there is no peace, then visualize the rose of peace over that area and again visualize how it fills the entire area with the light and the fragrance of peace.

NOTE: Visualize this rose of peace over your solar plexus chakra whenever you feel that you are pulled into a negative emotional reaction concerning any condition in your personal life or on a planetary scale.


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