4.43 Awaken to the reality of Light

I affirm my oneness with the Presence of Infinite Light, and I say to all people, “Awaken to your original calling and your reason for being on this planet. I call you to see beyond your human egos, your dualistic beliefs and world view. I call you to awaken and rise above your limited sense of identity. I call you to reconnect with your true, divine individuality, so you can rise to your God-given right to be the sons and daughters of God in the Earth, to be the co-creators with God in the Earth. I call you to rise above your fears, your lack of worthiness, your sense that you have no right to be here on Earth or to exercise your Christhood. I call you to awaken and consciously make the decision to take back your dominion over yourselves, and then exercise that dominion of the self by taking dominion over the Earth.”

“I call you to come apart from the mass consciousness, to be a separate and chosen people who have elected to worship the one true God who resides in the kingdom of God within you. I call you to be the open doors, whereby the perfect vision of God can once again be held in the conscious minds of the inhabitants of the Earth. I call you to use the power of your attention and to let God’s vision be superimposed upon matter itself, so that this planet can shed the imperfect images that have been forced upon it for eons.”

“I call for the Earth to right itself on her axis, to spin off all imperfections and to outpicture the perfection of God. I call forth the abundant life for all people on Earth. I call forth God’s kingdom on Earth, as that kingdom is already manifest in Heaven, in the form of a perfect vision held in the minds of the Ascended Host.”

“I call people to awaken to their inner calling and remember that you volunteered to come to Earth long ago to raise this planet and its inhabitants out of the darkness and into the light, the light of God. I call for the light of the Father to stir the ocean of the Mother Light and materialize God’s perfect vision in the Ma-ter universe. Let there be Light on Earth. And there IS Light!”


Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012