4.36 Lord’s Prayer of Light

My Father, who is beyond Heaven, I honor your Presence of Infinite Light, of undifferentiated light, of formless light. I acknowledge the Presence of Light that has no opposite, and I honor light as a pure concept, as a conscious Being of Light.

My Father, who is my Creator, I honor your gift of life and self-awareness. I say with you, “Let there be light in all aspects of my soul, mind, body and life!” And I accept that there IS light and only light.

I acknowledge that I live in a world that forms the Omega polarity to the Alpha polarity of my Father’s light. I acknowledge that everything in the world of form is created from the Ma-ter light. I acknowledge that the Ma-ter light is created from, is drawn out of, the Presence of Infinite Light. Therefore, that very Mother light has God’s Being embedded within it, and it has the potential to attain self-awareness and outpicture the perfection of God.

I acknowledge that I came here to be a co-creator with my God, and I am a self-conscious being, created under the lineage of my Creator. I vow to fill this role by taking dominion over my own body, mind and soul and allowing the Light of God to stream through my being. I am the open door for a stream of God’s light that will awaken the Ma-ter light. I will multiply and take dominion until the kingdom of God is materialized on Earth.


Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012