2.52 I Surrender the Illusions of My Ego

Beloved Mother Mary, I now understand that my ego was born when I chose to experiment with the consciousness of duality, the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. I see that it was this duality that caused me to believe that I was separated from God and unworthy to be one with God. It was this sense of unworthiness that caused me to turn my back to God and think I could not or did not want to come back home to God’s kingdom. It was this duality that made me think God’s kingdom is outside myself.

Beloved Mother Mary, I accept you as my Spiritual Mother and I put my hand in your hand. I pray that you will lead my soul back to that original point of departure from oneness with my I AM Presence. I pray that you will help me penetrate the veil of the fear and pride of my ego, so that I can have the courage to look at that original decision and understand why I decided to turn away from my I AM Presence and my spiritual teacher.

Beloved Mother Mary, help me expose the serpentine lie that caused me to separate myself from God and help me see why my soul was vulnerable to believing in that lie. Help me look at this lie with no fear, no sense of shame, no guilt and no desire to defend my decision or make it seem like it wasn’t my fault. Help me simply look at that decision with complete clarity and none of the emotions that my ego has used to control my soul for so long. Help me accept that I made the original decision, and help me understand that by accepting this fact, I instantly gain the power to undo that decision by making a better choice.

Beloved Mother Mary, help me discover and internalize the truth of Christ that replaces the serpentine lie that gave birth to my ego. Help me lovingly surrender the serpentine lie and all illusions that spring from it. Hold my hand as I turn around and face the shining reality of my I AM Presence and accept that my soul is an individualization of that Presence and that my Presence is an individualization of God. Help me accept that I am a son/daughter of God and that I am worthy to be one with my Presence and thus one with God. Oh Mother Mary, help my soul reach the point of full and final surrender, where I am willing to let the ego die so that I can win the immortal life of the Christ consciousness.


Copyright © by Kim Michaels, 2012