The purpose of this page is to give you quick access to all world invocations so far released.

How do you select which one to use? The title and the short description found at the beginning of each invocation will help you narrow down your selection. However, you can also use the three top buttons on the left.

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1 WIN40 Invocation for the spiritual awakening of women
2 WIN 39 Invocation for stopping the exploitation of women
3 WIN38 Invocation to Astrea for consuming Corona viruses
4 WINV37 Invocation to Astrea for Eastern Europe
5 WINV36 Invocation to Astrea for purifying our nation
6 Clearing the Physical Octave
7 Recommended Book about World Invocations
8 WINV01: East-West Invocation
9 WINV02: Golden Age East-West Invocation
10 WINV03: Mother Mary's Miracle Peace Invocation

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    New answers


    We are putting answers from the Liberate Women webinar on the Ascended Master Answers website. Some answers talk about the Corona situation. Click here.         {crossposting}

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    Webinar instead of Kazakhstan and U.S. conferences


    I have updated the events page with new information about the webinars for this summer/fall. More detials will follow shortly.   CLICK HERE.     {crossposting}

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    Sound files webinar


    The sound files for the Holland 2020 webinar are now on the subscribers website, in a folder named Women2020.     {crossposting}

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    Webinar times and last call to sign up


      For practical reasons, we will not be selling access to the webinar after midnight CEST Friday, May 29th, so if you are planning...

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