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1 WINV36 Invocation to Astrea for purifying our nation
2 Clearing the Physical Octave
3 Recommended Book about World Invocations
4 WINV01: East-West Invocation
5 WINV02: Golden Age East-West Invocation
6 WINV03: Mother Mary's Miracle Peace Invocation
7 WINV04: Mother Mary's Invocation of Miracle Freedom
8 WINV05: Healing Invocation for Disasters
9 WINV06: Miracle Invocation for Consuming Conflict
10 WINV07: Mother Mary's Golden Age Invocation

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    New invocation to Astrea


    This is the invocation that Astrea talked about in a dictation given in Korea.   Invocation to Astrea for purifying our nation A powerful invocations that calls upon Elohim...

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    Reminder about our conference in Estonia


    There is still time for you to attend this exciting event:   Healing the individual and collective psyche in Eastern Europe International conference with the ascended masters and Kim Michaels Tallinn, Estonia, December 01.-03. 2017 This is...

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    Edited dictations from Russia


    I have completed the dictations from Holland and have posted the first dictation from the conference in Russia.  

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    Holland conference 2018


    We have planned for our usual conference in Holland for next year.   The theme is: Reconnecting to your Divine plan.   You can find more information about it here.       {crossposting}

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