Recommended Book about Spiritual Freedom

You can buy an E-book: Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom or a printed book from the STORE.


The book is a direct revelation by Lord Maitreya, who was the master teacher in a mystery school known commonly as the Garden of Eden. Maitreya explains in great depth what caused the fall or man, which was truly a fall into a lower state of consciousness. In this state of mind, everything seems to be defined by its relationship to two opposite polarities, such as good and evil. Yet in reality both polarities are defined by the mind that is separated from the oneness of God. Maitreya explains how it was indeed necessary for students in the mystery school to experiment with this “knowledge of good and evil.” Thus, the fall was not caused by the students experimenting, but by their unwillingness to take responsibility for making their own decisions. Maitreya also gives in-depth descriptions of how the entire universe works, including the origin of evil, the existence of spheres above and beyond our own, the age of the Earth and the many evolutions that have passed through earth’s schoolroom since it was first inhabited by self-aware beings 2.5 billion years ago.