The purpose of this page is to give you quick access to all personal rosaries and invocations so far released.

How do you select which one to use? The title and the short description found at the beginning of each invocation will help you narrow down your selection. However, you can also use the page: Selecting tools based on your personal needs.

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31 ROS15: Archangel Michael's Rosary for Overcoming a Spiritual Crisis.
32 ROS11: Mother Mary’s Rosary of All-pervading Wisdom
33 ROS10: Mother Mary’s Rosary of God's Will
34 ROS07: Mother Mary’s Miracle Oneness Rosary
35 ROS06: Mother Mary’s Miracle Acceptance Rosary
36 ROS05: Mother Mary’s Unconditional Love Rosary
37 ROS03: Mother Mary’s Miracle Gratitude Rosary
38 INV01: Mother Mary’s Miracle Invocation for Daily Growth
39 ROS14: Mother Mary's Rosary for Inner Guidance
40 ROS13: Mother Mary’s Rosary of Miracle Independence

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