INV03: Eternal Flow Invocation

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A short and meditative invocation for establishing the figure-eigth flow, whereby the Light of your God Flame can flow from your Higher Being to your lower being.

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In the name of the unconditional love of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Mother of Light, Amen.

In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, Jesus Christ, I dedicate this invocation to the manifestation of the perfect vision of Christ in . . . (insert personal prayer here).

I guard the flow

I now consciously withdraw my attention from anything outside my I AM Presence and my God Flame. I vow to live life more consciously. I vow to live in the awareness that I am a co-creator with God. I am here to bring my unique gift to this world, and I do so by letting the Sun of my God Flame shine through my identity, thoughts, feelings and actions.

I hereby surrender all ego-based desires, ambitions and expectations. I vow to reconnect to my God Flame and my divine plan, so that I no longer waste my life in a senseless pursuit of the ego’s goals. Instead, I vow to fulfill my divine plan, my reason for being. I vow to be in the world but not of the world. I vow to let my light shine before men, so that my God Flame can BE the light of the world.

I vow to multiply the light given to me by God and to always maintain my inner connection to my God Flame. I vow to maintain the figure-eight flow from Above to below and multiply it every day. Thus, I vow that I will set my priorities straight. I will seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, namely the unbroken figure-eight flow, and I will allow God to add all other things to me that are part of my divine plan. I fully accept that I am in the flow of the River of Life, and thus the abundant life is already mine. Oh God, I accept that it is your good pleasure to give me the kingdom, and I accept that kingdom, now and forever.

I AM in the Flow of Life

1. I know my source is God Above,
I know my God is only love.
God sends the many from the One,
the Flow of Life now has begun.

Hail River of Life
River of life, I love you so,
I AM in your eternal flow.
As one with Christ I take my stand,
the Mother Light I do command.
My God Flame radiates through me,
God’s sacred Love to set life free.

Figure-eight, transforming flow,
God’s love upon all life bestow.
As oneness does replace all strife,
all people have abundant life.
Oh Holy Spirit, flow through me,
and make all MORE, in God to BE.

2. God’s River of Life, eternal flow
that serves to help all beings grow.
Within the safety of God’s law
all life is growing without flaw.

Hail River of Life (Repeat the entire Hail River of Life affirmation)

3. To be the MORE is God’s desire,
I am a spark from God’s own fire.
My God Flame radiates through me,
I came to Earth my flame to BE.

Hail River of Life

4. The Sun of God is Christ in me,
I come to Earth to set life free.
My perfect love will cast out fear, 
that all the voice of God might hear.

Hail River of Life

5. The ego makes the soul taste death,
I come to give it life’s own breath.
Reborn in Spirit is the soul,
fulfilling now its sacred goal.

Hail River of Life

6. I pierce the veil of ego lies,
the truth revealed to open eyes.
All ignorance replaced by light,
all people have the inner sight.

Hail River of Life

7. I come to free the Ma-ter Light,
from images that are not right,
and as all matter starts to glow,
God’s plan for Earth begins to show.

Hail River of Life

8. The immaculate concept now I hold,
the future looks so bright and bold.
As all God’s beings know their flame,
we all revere God’s sacred name.

Hail River of Life

9. In Mother’s womb of Sacred Love,
I close the flow with God Above.
The figure-eight is now restored,
with God and man of one accord.

Hail River of Life

The Mother Light in all is raised

1. Hail Mary, we give praise
the Mother Light in all you raise.
In perfect balance light will stream,
in harmony our souls will gleam. 

Oh Mother Mary, we release
all thoughts and feelings less than peace,
releasing now all patterns old,
we leave behind the mortal mold.

River of Life, eternal flow,
we will to live, we will to grow.
We will transcend and be the more,
the joy of life we do adore.

2. The base is of the purest white,
four petals radiate your light.
The Mother bows in purest love
to God the Father from Above.

3. The soul is basking in delight,
as violet flame is shining bright.
The soul is breathing God’s pure air,
she feels so free in Mother’s care.

4. The solar center is at peace,
as fear and anger we release.
The sacred ten will now unfold
a glow of purple and of gold.

5. All troubles in the heart now cease,
as Mary’s love brings great release.
The rose of twelve in fullest bloom,
the soul is free to meet her groom.

6. The throat is shining oh so blue,
the will of God is always true.
God’s power is released in love
through Christ direction from Above.

7. The brow emits an emerald hue,
Christ’s perfect vision we pursue,
and as we see God’s perfect plan,
we feel God’s love for every man.

8. The crown is like a sea of gold,
as thousand petals now unfold.
We see the Buddha in the crown,
arrayed in his celestial gown.

9. When Mother Light and Buddha meet,
the force of darkness they defeat,
with Jesus and our saint Germain.
they bring the Golden Age again. 

10. I feel the Mother’s gentle kiss,
as I am in eternal bliss,
floating in a space sublime,
in harmony with sacred chime.

By Mother Mary’s endless Grace,
we conquer time, we conquer space.
The Buddha Nature is in all
and thus we rise to heed the call
to be the Christed ones on Earth,
the Golden Age is given birth.

NOTE: The primary goal for this invocation is to establish the figure-eight flow between your God Flame and your conscious mind. Thus, give this invocation slowly while contemplating the meaning of the words. However, you can give the section before this point, starting with I guard the flow, more than once (up to four times). Then give the rest of the invocation.

I affirm that the unstoppable flow of the River of Life sets all people free to manifest the abundant life.

I affirm that the unstoppable flow of the River of Life sets all of nature free to manifest the abundant life.

I affirm that the unstoppable flow of the River of Life sets Mother Earth free to manifest the abundant life.

I affirm that the unstoppable flow of the River of Life sets the Ma-ter Light free to manifest the abundant life.

I affirm that the unstoppable flow of the River of Life sets all people free to BE MORE, transforming the Earth into the MORE of the kingdom of God.

The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.
 (3X) Amen.

In the name of the unconditional love of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Mother of Light, Amen.


I affirm that I am sealed in the perpetual figure-eight flow of the Holy Spirit. I love the Holy Spirit and I vow to BE here below, all that I am Above—and MORE. I declare my oneness with my I AM Presence, and I vow to multiply my talents and BE MORE in every situation. I vow to transcend all limitations so that I can remain in the flow of the River of Life. 

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in the name of the Divine Mother, I affirm that I am MORE in the River of Life, now and forever. I affirm that all people are MORE in the River of Life, now and forever. I affirm that the Earth is MORE in the River of Life, now and forever. Amen.



Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels


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