The purpose of this page is to give you quick access to all affirmations so far released. The affirmations are organized according to the spiritual rays.

1 1.22 Lord’s Prayer
2 Invoking Light through Decrees and Affirmations
3 1.51 For the Judgment of Antichrist
4 1.52 Archangel Michael, bind the forces of antichrist!
5 1st Ray, Affirmations of Life
6 1st Ray, Affirmations of God’s Will
7 2.41 Daily call to Shiva for Christ discernment
8 2.51 I Call Forth the Awakening of All Souls on Earth
9 2.52 I Surrender the Illusions of My Ego
10 2.53 Oh Mother Mary, help me accept my Self
11 2nd Ray, Affirmations of Oneness
12 2nd Ray, Affirmations of God’s Wisdom
13 2nd Ray, Affirmations for Consuming Fear
14 2.85 Oh Mother Mary, help people experience that there is more to life
15 2.86 Oh Mother Mary, we are One in the River of Life
16 3rd Ray, Affirmations of Gratitude
17 3rd Ray, Affirmations of Forgiveness
18 3rd Ray, Affirmations of Unconditional Love
19 3.65 Oh Mother Mary, help me experience that there is more to life
20 3.71 I honor the heart
21 4th Ray, Affirmations of Christhood
22 4.41 I am the open door
23 4.42 I accept my Christ potential
24 4.43 Awaken to the reality of Light
25 4.51 I AM willing to solve the riddle of life and death
26 4.61 I am willing to die to the world and live in the Spirit
27 5.31 We honor the LOGOS
28 5.41 That all may discover the Living Christ in themselves
29 5.42 I Choose the Life of Christ!
30 5.43 I AM the ONE
31 6.61-4 Miracle Peace Affirmations
32 6.65 I affirm the awakening of the balanced people of Earth
33 6.66 I AM willing to walk the Path of Peace
34 6.71 I choose to see the reality of war
35 6.72 I choose to enter the Path of Peace
36 6.73 I choose to come apart from the Cain consciousness
37 6.74 I choose to be free from war
38 6.75 I invoke forgiveness
39 6.76 I invoke the power of the Divine Feminine
40 6.77 I call forth light in the Middle East
41 6.78 I recognize the true message of Christ
42 7.41 Freedom from Psychic Projections on the Seven Rays
43 7.51 I honor the Mother of Independence
44 7.52 Lord’s prayer of freedom
45 8.49 I honor God as Father and Mother
46 8th Ray, Affirming Oneness with God
47 8.56 I guard the flow
48 8.57 Oh Mother Mary, we are One in the River of Life
49 8.58 Oh Mother Mary, I am whole in the River of Life

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