How the ego can use a spiritual teaching to abort your quest for truth

The least you should know about the ego, Part 7.

A discourse by Jesus

NOTE: This teaching was given on July 14, 2006.

As I explained in previous discourses, most people start walking the spiritual path in a conscious way when they find some kind of spiritual or religious teaching. People have an awakening or conversion experience, and they now join a religious or spiritual – or perhaps a political or charitable – organization. Such an awakening experience is always the result of the longing for something more, the desire to understand, the sense that there must be answers to life’s questions. As I explained earlier, this longing – although it can lead to pain or a sense of aloneness or emptiness – is the safety mechanism that prevents you from becoming totally lost in the duality consciousness. This is what we might call the “quest for truth,” and it is the driving force behind all spiritual growth.

The important point to understand is that your ego’s main goal is to prevent you from awakening to a higher sense of identity as a spiritual being. Thus, it will do anything within its power to get you to ignore or deny the quest for truth. As I have explained, this can be achieved only on a temporary basis, and eventually the quest for truth will resurface. Yet even then, your ego will not give up. In fact, the ego will take the spiritual or religious teaching that served as the outer tool for your awakening, and it will seek to use it to neutralize your quest for truth. This discourse will expose some of the methods that the ego uses to achieve its perpetual goal of trying to make sure that the latest step you have taken on the spiritual path becomes the last step you will ever take.

The vain dream of a guaranteed salvation
As explained in previous discourses, the one truth of the Christ mind is above and beyond the many dualistic “truths” created by the mind of anti-christ. Thus, the essence of your quest for truth is a longing for a direct experience of the source of truth, the Spirit of Truth. It is this experience which is the truth that will set you free from the ego. No man-made, dualistic belief system can do this for you.

The ego, of course, will never understand this truth. Thus, it is seeking is to misdirect your search for truth and make you believe you can find some ultimate or absolute truth in this world and that this dualistic truth can guarantee your salvation.

A common result of an awakening experience is that people begin to believe that by joining an outer organization, they have somehow “made it,” have been saved or have arrived at the ultimate destination. This belief is ALWAYS promoted by the ego because it wants you to believe that by the mere act of stepping into this “ultimate” teaching or organization, you have automatically qualified for salvation. Perhaps the organization defines a process for you to go through, but nevertheless, the ego wants you to believe that as long as you stay in the organization and keep following its outer requirements, your salvation is guaranteed.

The reality of the situation is, however, that the ego has managed to herd you into a fold that it will now attempt to turn into a closed box, a mental prison that traps you indefinitely on the false path to salvation. By making you believe that your salvation is now guaranteed, the ego has neutralized your quest for truth. The ego can often silence your inner longing for an indefinite period of time, certainly for the rest of one lifetime.

Thus, there are millions of people who believe they are religious or spiritual people and that they are saved or are making great progress. Yet, in reality, they have stopped their spiritual progress and have allowed their egos to trap them in a “holier-than-thou” attitude. This is the false sense of righteousness that I denounced so forcefully in the scribes and Pharisees. The true righteousness is the Christ consciousness in which you never stop transcending yourself and thus flow with the River of Life that is the Spirit of Truth—the Living God rather than an ego-made idol.

The driving force behind your quest for truth is that you ask questions. Yet when the ego makes you believe in a guaranteed salvation, it has made you accept that there are certain questions you either are not allowed to ask or do not need to ask. Thus, you no longer need to stretch your mind and reach for a progressively deeper understanding of the spiritual side of life. Simply accept the doctrines of your organization and stop thinking about the more subtle or difficult questions. You will then prevent or abort the direct inner contact with the Spirit of Truth, which is the ONLY factor that take you beyond the dualistic beliefs of the ego.

For example, you see many Christians who believe I ascended to heaven 2,000 years ago and that I have “all power in Heaven and on Earth.” Yet they cannot accept that I could be speaking to humankind today, giving teachings that go beyond what is said in the Christian Bible. They have turned the Bible into a closed box. You also see many New Age people who are open to this website—until they come across teachings that contradict their belief that all is well. Many New Age people reject my teachings on evil, dark forces or the need to take a firm stand for truth. They have turned the concept of being kind into a closed box and will not let me take them out of it. Thus, their egos have become their teachers.

In other words, the ego has now created the perfect mental prison in which you feel relatively content. You think that as long as you stay in the prison, you will be saved. And you think you should never look outside the prison. As long as you accept this approach to spirituality and salvation, your ego can feel safe because it knows that the Conscious You will never discover the ego’s existence.

Should you begin to see through the illusion of an automatic salvation through an outer organization or guru, the ego can still win. Many people have realized that a particular organization or guru was not what they first thought it to be. Yet instead of searching for something better, they give up on the spiritual path, which means they now have nothing to lead them beyond the logic of the ego. The ego has won either way.

Black-and-white, gray and beyond
Let us look at how the black-and-white and the gray approaches (as described in the previous two discourses) relate to this:

  • When you take the black-and-white approach, you think there is truth in only one belief system. Thus, you never need to look at any ideas outside your belief system. In fact, you should reject all such ideas as dangerous. This explains why many Christians believe anything that is not in accordance with the Bible is of the devil and why some New Age people think they should listen only to their guru. In other words, you become stuck in one belief system and can never move beyond it. This approach is based on fear, the fear that opening your mind makes you vulnerable to false ideas. This is the ego saying that unless you allow it to control you, you will go to hell.
  • When you take the gray approach, you think there are no false ideas. Thus, you are willing to look for ideas in many different belief systems, which can seem to be more open-minded. Yet if you do not have the willingness to discern (as explained in the previous discourse), people often end up doing what I call guru-hopping. They go from teacher to teacher until they find one that confirms their belief that they can be saved without discerning and confronting their egos. Or they continue to go from guru to guru, constantly thinking that the next one will do it all for them, all the while refusing to see that no serious spiritual growth is possible until they take responsibility for their path and exercise their built-in ability to know truth from an inner source. This approach is based on pride, the belief that you could not possibly be wrong. This is the ego saying that it is always right.

Although the two approaches can seem very different, the reality is that they are based on the same basic psychology, namely an unwillingness to reach beyond the duality of the ego and attain the discernment that can come only from the Christ mind. It is only through the Christ mind – which is the open door that no human can shut – that you can experience God’s Living Truth. And it is only this forever self-transcending truth that will make you free from the dualistic “truth” – the graven images – defined by the ego and the prince of this world.

This is the essential point that all sincere spiritual seekers need to contemplate. The mechanism that can bring you beyond the prison of the ego is the quest for truth. Thus, the ego is constantly seeking to stop this quest. If it cannot stop you from asking questions, it will seek to divert your attention. The central aspect of the ego’s efforts it that it is trying to make you believe that ultimate, absolute truth can be found in this world—in one of the belief systems of this world.

Yet, as I have tried to explain in previous discourses, truth cannot be confined to the words and images used in the material world. Truth is a Living Spirit, and thus you can know truth only by having a direct, inner experience of the Spirit of Truth. Yet to have this experience – to know the one true God – you must be willing to look beyond the graven images – the idols – created in this world.

The ego is trying to make you believe in its own mistaken belief, namely that he Spirit of Truth can be captured in – confined to – a belief system in this world. If you believe this lie, you will limit your quest for truth to a particular mental box, and thus you will not encounter the Spirit of Truth—except possibly in rare glimpses. Your ego will never see that the Spirit of Truth bloweth where it listeth and thus cannot be confined. Yet the Conscious You should be able to see this truth and then decide to reach for the direct experience.

Let me be clear. As long as you are searching for truth outside yourself, you will NEVER find the Living Truth. There simply is NO belief system on this planet that will guarantee your salvation. No outer system can ever take you – automatically – to enlightenment, because enlightenment is an inner condition that can be reached ONLY by continuing to look beyond ALL outer beliefs systems until one attains a permanent state of oneness with the Spirit of Truth.

Take note of the subtle distinction here. I am NOT saying that all belief systems are false or that it is wrong to follow a belief system or teacher. Yet to make the ultimate spiritual progress, you MUST become aware of the mechanism whereby your ego turns the outer belief system into a closed box. If you are not aware of this, you will INEVITABLY be trapped by the ego and your progress will come to a halt—even if you have been following a teaching and diligently performing its practices for many years.

Take note that the ego can use even a true and valid spiritual teaching – even a teaching released directly by the Ascended Host – to create a closed box. Once a teaching is expressed in words, it enters the realm of duality, and it can now be used by the ego. There is no guarantee against this—except your personal alertness and discernment!

Also take note that here is only one way to have true discernment. In order to expose a dualistic truth created by the ego, you must have a frame of reference, you must know a truth that is not dualistic. This can be attained ONLY through a direct, inner experience of the Spirit of truth, whereby you have a direct experience of the Living Truth and can thus instantly expose all dead doctrines coming from the mind of anti-christ. Can you see that no outer teaching can do this for you? There simply is NO substitute for a direct experience of the Spirit of Truth.

Let me point out that there are many people who will read these statements and think they do not apply to them. They will think that they really have found the ultimate teacher or belief system, and thus their egos cannot possibly trap them. There are also those who will think they have such a sophisticated intellectual understanding of the path – perhaps even of the ego – that they could not possibly be fooled. Yet the ego is subtle, and it is precisely the people who think they are above the ego who are trapped in the most subtle weapon of the ego, namely intellectual and spiritual pride. This is a topic I will talk more about later.

Out of the jungle
Let me illustrate the process of spiritual growth with a parable. Imagine that you have a group of people who are trapped in a deep gorge with vertical walls that cannot be climbed. The gorge is large enough to give people everything they need to survive. It is covered with dense jungle that prevents them from seeing the top of the cliffs. On top of the cliffs are other people who know the world is much larger than the gorge. So to help the people inside the gorge, they have lowered a variety of devices, such as ropes and ladders, so that people can climb out of the gorge.

Many people in the gorge are aware of these devices. Some of them have gathered around one device and believe that one day some superior being will climb down the device and save them. Others go from device to device without being able to settle on one. Others claim that their device is the only right one and that all the others are false or dangerous. Some are even seeking to destroy all other devices than their own. Yet hardly anyone has decided to climb up one of the devices to see what is above the canopy of the jungle.

Do you see my point? Each device has a particular form. The purpose of the device is to allow people to climb higher, be it steps on a ladder or knots on a rope. In other words, the particular form of the device is only meant to be a temporary means to an end, namely to lift people above the blindness of being in the dense jungle. It is not the purpose of the device to give people some ultimate truth about what the world looks like above the jungle. To truly know the greater reality, you have to experience it yourself and the device is meant to facilitate that experience.

The form of the device does not necessarily say anything about what is above the jungle. What can the particular shape of a knot on a rope possibly tell you about what the sky looks like? Likewise, there could be more than one device that could lift people into the clarity above the jungle. Surely, some devices may not be able to lift people above the gorge, so one needs to be careful. Some might be made of ropes that have rotted and might cause you to fall to the ground. Others might have been disconnected from the rim of the cliffs, thus leading only to the tops of the trees. Others might have been lowered by people who have climbed the trees, and although they can take you above the ground, they cannot take you beyond the gorge. My point is that although it is necessary to exercise discernment and evaluate the condition and origin of a device, one should not become too attached to the particular form of any device.

The meaning is, of course, that the climbing devices are symbols for the spiritual teachings found in this world. There are a number of true ones that can potentially lead you beyond the confinement of the gorge – the duality consciousness of the ego – and allow you to see the greater perspective of Christ truth. So you should not allow your ego to make you attached to the particular form of one teaching. No true teaching is designed to give you absolute truth. It is designed to give you a series of steps that – if you climb them – can take you to a direct experience of the Spirit of Truth. It is this direct experience that will raise your consciousness, not an intellectual understanding of the outer teaching. Thus, climb any valid ladder instead of arguing with other people over which ladder is the only true one!

The important message of a true spiritual teaching is that there is something beyond the teaching. The outer teaching is only meant to show the way to the kingdom of God that is within you. So if you allow your ego to make you believe you can reach the kingdom by staying in a closed box – based on the particular form of an outer teaching – you will NEVER enter the kingdom.

How a living teaching becomes an infallible doctrine
There are two ways whereby your personal ego can use an outer teaching to trap you in a closed box and prevent you from reaching for the non-dualistic truth of Christ:

  • For most people the personal ego is not strong enough to come up with a belief system of its own, so it looks for a ready-made belief system that claims to have some form of infallible or absolute authority. This form of authority is an external authority, such as the Catholic Church’s claim of being the only true church of Christ because of the succession of popes going all the way back to Peter. In fact, the more outrageous or bold such a claim to infallible authority is, the more likely that the egos of some people will accept it. The purpose is, of course, to make you believe that your salvation is guaranteed so you no longer need to think.
  • Once it has made you accept an external teaching as having infallible authority, your ego will come up with a set of personalized versions of the outer doctrines. These are designed according to your personality and beliefs, so they vary greatly from person to person. Most religious people and most inexperienced spiritual seekers are unaware that they have created such personalized versions of their church’s doctrines.

    For example, many Catholics will claim that they strictly believe in official doctrines, but in reality they believe in personalized versions of the official doctrines. These personalized versions allow their egos to hide and allow people to live their lives the way they want to—while still believing they are good Catholics who will be saved. In other words, the personalized doctrines allow people to violate my commandments without thinking they are doing so. They can then maintain the illusion that they are good Catholics and the belief that their salvation is guaranteed. You do, of course, find a similar mechanism in all other religions and in New Age teachings. People who are trapped in the gray thinking have taken this approach to the extreme.

Let me give just a few examples of how the ego can misuse any spiritual teaching to create a closed box. Bear in mind the following facts:

  • Once a teaching is expressed in words, it has become “frozen in time.” The teaching will not change by itself, and if the connection to the source of the teaching is lost (the original teacher dies or the connection to the Ascended Host is broken), the teaching cannot be renewed from Above. The ego then has the perfect opportunity to turn it into the “ultimate” teaching that never needs to change because it is already perfect.
  • There is no teaching expressed in words that cannot be perverted by the ego. It simply is not possible – given the current level of consciousness on Earth – to bring forth an ego-proof teaching.
  • The ego will NEVER understand the true purpose of a spiritual teaching, namely to help you attain a direct connection to the Spirit of Truth.
  • I know this will seem like a contradiction, but to the ego there is no such thing as an absolute truth—namely a truth that comes from beyond the duality consciousness. The ego sees any spiritual teaching as just another concept that can be debated and interpreted according to its dualistic reasoning. Yet once the ego has interpreted a teaching the way it wants to – has created its own version of the outer doctrine – it will elevate that version to the status of infallibility, trying to make you think you should never question it. That is why the egos of two people can interpret the same words in mutually exclusive ways, yet each ego is absolutely convinced that its interpretation is the only true one.

    Do you see the subtle point? The ego is NOT seeking for absolute truth – meaning a direct experience of the Spirit of Truth – but is seeking to take a relative expression of “truth” and elevate it to the status of being absolute. It is not seeking to find absolute truth but to define it based on its own dualistic reasoning.

The modus operandi of the ego is that it will look for statements in a spiritual teaching that can be interpreted as giving absolute authority to the teaching, to the person releasing the teaching or giving superiority to the followers of the teaching. Once the ego has found or defined such absolute statements, it will seek to establish a culture in the organization that makes people believe they never have to question these absolute statements. They are raised to the status of infallibility, which means the following:

  • The teaching comes from and is one hundred percent backed by the highest possible authority—often God or God’s highest representative on Earth (take note that for all true representatives of God, value judgments are meaningless—the Christ is not higher or lower than the Buddha in a human sense).
  • Since there can only be one truth – or so the ego believes – all other teachings are false.
  • If you follow a false teaching, you go to hell, but if you follow the only true teaching, your salvation is guaranteed.
  • The teaching is higher or better than any other teaching, meaning that its followers are better than all non-members.
  • Because the teaching is absolute, it could never be changed or expanded upon. In fact, nothing should be changed and you should follow the teaching the way it has always been done.
  • Because the teaching is absolute, there could never be a higher or more advanced teaching. Thus, you can set aside your longing for something more, your quest for truth. The quest has now been fulfilled in you finding this teaching here on Earth.
  • Because you have this perfect teaching, there is no need to seek for a direct experience of the Spirit of Truth. In fact, such an experience is either impossible, unnecessary or reserved for the leaders who will then tell you what to believe based on their infallible experiences. In most orthodox religions, a direct experience of the Spirit of Truth is discouraged or forbidden. That is why the Jewish leaders were so upset when I preached that the kingdom of God is within you, meaning that you do not need an outer priesthood to tell you what is true. You can contact the source of truth inside yourself.
  • Because the teaching has absolute authority, who are you to think you can ask questions or seek for a deeper understanding of the teaching than what the leaders are giving you?
  • If you ask a question that the leaders cannot answer, there is something wrong with that question. If you are not satisfied with the official answers, there is something wrong with you. If you question the leaders or the official doctrines, you are questioning God and will go to hell.

The overall effect is that you can forget about the quest for truth and simply follow the outer doctrines and rules of the belief system that claims it can take you into the promised land. Now that you have found the ultimate spiritual teaching, you no longer need to think; you no longer need to use the intuitive faculties that led you to search for a spiritual teaching in the first place. Just leave them at the door and forget all about them.

You have seen virtually every religion and spiritual movement on Earth be affected by this mindset to a smaller or larger degree. Some have become so stifled that they have lost any element of the Living Truth, thus becoming virtually useless while their followers still believe they are the only ones going to Heaven.

Why the Ascended Host start new organizations
The Spirit of Truth cannot be confined to words. Once a spiritual teaching has been put into words, it is no longer the Living Truth. Thus, the ego can use the dualistic reasoning of the mind of anti-christ to turn that teaching into a closed box. This is an inevitable consequence of the fact that so many people on this planet are still trapped in and completely blinded by the duality consciousness. There is NO guarantee against this, in fact it is virtually guaranteed that any spiritual teaching will be affected by it and that some people have turned that teaching into a closed box.

You must be on guard against the fact that such people will seek to pull you into their box, because the ego literally believes that if everyone on Earth agrees with it, then it must be right. As they say, misery wants company, and so does the ego. The ego is convinced that if everyone believed the Earth to be flat, then the Earth really would be flat.

For millennia, we of the Ascended Host have given humankind a number of valid spiritual teachings. In every case it has only been a matter of time before the Living Word was turned into the dead word by the human ego and the subtle logic of the serpentine mind. Is there a way to avoid this scenario? Yes, but ONLY as long as a teaching remains open to progressive revelation, meaning that there is a direct connection to the Ascended Host through which we can bring forth the Living Word.

The ego will attempt to distort the teaching from the moment it is given. Yet when the direct connection is broken, it might only take a few years before a valid spiritual teaching has been turned into a closed system that promises salvation without having a direct connection to the source of salvation.

Most modern Christian churches overlook the fact that I did not create a closed box but attempted to establish a tradition for the delivery of the Living Word. I did not send my disciples with a fixed doctrine from which to preach. I sent them with an empowerment by the Holy Spirit, whereby they could preach the Living Word. Throughout the millennia, other organizations have had a tradition for the Living Word. And although such a connection can be perverted by the ego, it is still the main means that has the potential to prevent that a spiritual teaching becomes a closed box.

As humankind’s consciousness has grown, we of the Ascended Host have attempted to establish a more direct connection by training messengers through whom we could speak in a more direct manner. Yet so far every organization we have sponsored has followed the same pattern. The members and leaders – and often even the messenger(s) – have become too focused on the outer teaching and the outer organization.

One common scenario is that an organization becomes too focused on the messenger. The problem here is – as always – the duality of the ego. Many people are so trapped by the spiritual blindness of their egos that they will not accept any messenger unless he or she has some kind of otherworldly authority. Yet if we establish such authority by setting forth the credentials of the messenger and our sponsorship, the ego will immediately take this too far and build an organizational culture that says this organization is the only one sponsored and this messenger is the only true messenger.

Another common scenario is that an organization becomes too focused on the particular form of the message given through its messenger. Thus, the way the Living Word is delivered through this messenger is the only way it could possibly be delivered. The organization then turns the Living Word into a dead doctrine and sets it up as being superior to any other teaching. It now falls prey to the dualistic game of defining itself in relation to – as being superior in comparison to – other teachings. While this allows the members of the organization to feel superior and feel certain they will be saved, it does nothing to promote personal Christhood. In the Christ mind there are no dualistic value judgments and comparisons. Thus, the Christ way is to use a teaching only to reach the Spirit of Truth beyond the teaching.

The consequence of such ego-games is that an organization becomes rigid. And when the messenger is no longer functioning – or has become rigid – the members – and especially the leaders – fall prey to the serpentine temptation that now the flow of the Living Word has come to an end. Their organization was somehow the last one to bring forth the Living Word, and we of the Ascended Host have now stopped talking to humankind for the indefinite future.

These leaders will now label all new messengers as false by definition, encouraging their members to reject them without taking a closer look. They will cite all the dangers of following false messengers, often by using selective or twisted quotes from the old teaching. Those who believe in this claim fall prey to the ego-temptation to refuse to exercise their personal discernment. Certainly, there will always be false messengers, but only by looking at all new messengers can you sharpen your discernment, thereby becoming able to separate the true from the false based on the inner vision of Christ rather than outer criteria defined by your ego or the egos of those you have made into your gurus on Earth.

The only way out
Is there a way to avoid this trap? Yes, but only by establishing an organization that fulfills two requirements:

  • The Alpha requirement is that the organization must be dedicated to maintaining an unbroken and unpolluted connection to the Ascended Host so that the delivery of the Living Word can continue.
  • The Omega requirement is that the members and the leaders have a keen awareness of the ego and how it affects spiritual organizations. Thus, they are determined to prevent the ego from playing its games and thereby making the organization rigid or the victim of power plays and divisions.

If such an organization can attract spiritual seekers with an uncompromising commitment to their own spiritual growth – being willing to confront their egos and pull the beams from their own eyes – and to maintaining the unbroken flow of the Living Word, then we can potentially establish a tradition that can remain open. Such an open connection has previously been established through many messengers, but is has only been kept open for a short time before the ego-games took over.

We of the Ascended Host believe it is time to take this to a higher level, which is why we are now giving higher and more direct teachings about the ego and the pitfalls of spiritual organizations. What remains to be seen is how the spiritual seekers of this age will respond. Will they use the teachings we have given through our present messengers to always reach beyond the teaching for the direct experience – in their own hearts – of the Spirit of Truth?

Will they be willing – each one in his or her own way – to become open doors for the delivery of the Living Word? Or will they become focused on the outer teaching or the outer messengers and thus turn our releases into another closed box that can join the trash-heap of dead spiritual organizations? To be the open door or not to be the open door, that is indeed the timeless question.

Do you see the central point here? The only way out is individual Christ discernment. It is the ego that has created the dream of an automatic or guaranteed salvation. Thus, it is essential for spiritual seekers to realize that there is no way to create a spiritual organization that is automatically guaranteed to be free from the ego and its games. The ONLY way to combat the ego is through constant alertness and a constant reaching for the Spirit of Truth. However, this can happen only as a personal, inner experience, and although the experience can be shared – so that people’s individual experiences reinforce each other – it can never be institutionalized.

Never become attached to a particular expression of truth. Use it as a stepping stone for reaching for a direct, inner experience of the Spirit of Truth.

The Sprit of Truth is the River of Life, and the all-important characteristic is that it is constantly flowing. If you take a snapshot of the river, you stop the flow, and thus you no longer have a true representation of the river. Never settle for a still frame—always keep reaching for the river itself.

How the ego seeks to divert your attention from the inner path

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