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Garden of Eden

The deeper symbolism behind the Biblical concept of the Garden of Eden is that it represents a schoolroom in which self-aware beings are being prepared to take embodiment on earth. The “God” mentioned in the Bible was the ascended master Lord Maitreya, who was the “headmaster” of the mystery school. 

Students were given graded lessons, and only more advanced students were meant to take the lesson represented by the duality consciousness. However, there was a number of beings in the mystery school, who had fallen in a previous sphere. These beings are symbolized by the Serpent, and they deceived some students into taking the initiation of duality before they were prepared by the teacher. This initiation is symbolized by the “fruit of the knowledge of good and evil,” which makes beings think they are like gods and can define what is good and evil without the Christ consciousness. 

The symbolism is that the fallen beings have deceived most people on earth into believing in the dualistic lies. This is what causes all conflict and struggle on earth. The only solution is that a critical mass of people follow the true path of initiation and attain Christ consciousness. The real purpose of the ascended masters is to help us do this.

God, four aspects of God 

In mystical teachings, the world is seen as being made from one underlying element, called ether, which manifests as the four elements of fire, air, water and earth. One can likewise look at five aspects of God. The ether element corresponds to the original or undifferentiated Creator, which has not yet expressed itself in the world of form. As the Creator begins to express itself, it manifests itself as four aspects:

  • Father, meaning the outgoing force, the will to create. For us, the ascended masters represent the father element, yet we also represent the father element on earth.
  • Mother, meaning the contracting or balancing force. Compared to the Creator, everything in the world of form is the Mother. So we humans are part of the Divine Mother. Yet  when we co-create by superimposing mental images upon the Ma-ter light, then this mother light represents mother for us.
  • Son or Christ, meaning the consciousness that unifies the Creator (who is beyond form) with everything that has form. It is also the element that separates the real from the unreal by seeing through all dualistic illusions.
  • Holy Spirit, means the force that drives all self-aware beings to return to their source. Since the beginning of the world of form, innumerable beings have gone through the process of the ascension and this has created a force or momentum that makes up the Holy Spirit.

God Flame

Your true individuality is not what we normally call your personality; it is anchored in your I AM Presence. Because your I AM Presence is made from energies of a higher vibration than anything in the material universe, it appears as a flame. Thus, your true individuality is sometimes referred to as your God flame.

Golden Age

At present, the earth is in a lower state than originally intended. This is caused by a majority of people being deceived by the duality consciousness, which inevitably leads to various conflicts and limitations. Yet the goal of the ascended masters, especially Saint Germain as the leader of the coming 2,000 year cycle, is to inspire a critical mass of people to walk the path of individual Christhood. As enough people raise their consciousness, society will begin to outpicture a much higher state than today, and this is commonly referred to as a Golden Age.

Great White Brotherhood

name for all ascended beings. The term “white” does not refer to race, but to the fact that ascended masters radiate a white light.


A Sanskrit word for teacher or master.

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