Glossary - M

Maha Chohan

The leader or overseer of the office of the chohans. He also oversees the Holy Spirit and the eighth ray of integration, the integration of the seven rays.


The ascended master who was the leader of the mystery school called the Garden of Eden. He is considered the Great Initiator, because his initiations are not obvious, and we often do not see that we are being tested. Lord Maitreya holds the office of Cosmic Christ.

God the Mother

Another word for the Divine Mother, but can also refer to the feminine aspect of God, which is the entire world of form. We are part of God the Mother.

Mass consciousness

Every human being has an aura, a personal energy field. Yet the entire planet also has an aura, and within it we find a combination of the individual energy fields of all people embodying on earth. There are certain divisions within this collective or mass consciousness, but all people are affected by the greater whole to some degree. There is a stage on the spiritual path, where our main task is to pull ourselves above the magnetic pull of the mass consciousness, so we can express our individuality.

Matter, Material Universe

Everything is made from energy, so the entire world of form is made from energies of various vibrational qualities. One can create a continuum of vibrations, ranging from the highest level, the level of the Creator, to the lowest. In between one can define several divisions, compartments or octaves of vibrations. For example, one major division is between the spiritual realm and the material realm. 

There are several divisions in the spiritual realm, whereas in the material realm there are four divisions. They are, from higher to lower vibrations:

the etheric or identity level

the mental level

the emotional level

the physical level

Ma-ter Light 

The cosmic base energy out of which everything that has form is created. It has no form in itself, but has the capacity to take on any form. It also has a certain basic form of consciousness, which among other characteristics has a built-in striving for its source, the Creator.

The Ma-ter light has been stepped down in vibration to create succeeding spheres. We live in the seventh of these spheres, and the six previous ones have all ascended, becoming part of the spiritual realm.

Mental body

An aspect of your aura/mind that houses your thoughts and mental energies. 


A person who has been trained to receive teachings and dictations from the ascended realm through the agency of the Holy Spirit.


Everything we do, feel or think is done with energy We receive this energy from the I AM Presence and then qualify it with a certain vibration. Anything below the vibration of love is a misqualification and creates karma.

Mother, hatred of

The Ma-ter light forms the feminine polarity to the Creator. It allows us to project any mental image upon it we want, and then it faithfully reflects back to us physical circumstances that reflect the images in our consciousness.  When people enter the fallen consciousness, they cannot take responsibility for themselves, meaning they will not recognize that the Mother can only reflect back what we project upon it and is not seeking to punish us. Instead, such beings feel like victims, and they do feel like matter, the Mother element, is seeking to punish them or prevent them from doing what they want. Thus, they can develop hatred of the mother. Yet since we are all part of the mother aspect of God, hatred of the Mother is a form of self-hatred.

Mother Mary

The ascended Master who was embodied as the mother of Jesus. She holds the Office of the Divine Mother for earth.

Mystery School

An environment designed to present self-aware beings with initiations aimed at raising their consciousness. It is usually overseen by an ascended master of high attainment.

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