Decree to the Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director is a Cosmic Being, which means that he is on a higher plane of consciousness than ascended masters. His Flame is ideally suited to raising your consciousness to the level where you can begin to grasp your Divine plan.

Suggested novena:
For 33 days do the following call 14 times in succession. Then write down in a notebook whatever comes to you without judging or analyzing it. Before giving the decree, read what you wrote the day before.

1. Divine Director, through your Flame,
reveal to me my inner name,
that I may know why I am here.
and help to raise God’s latest sphere.

Refrain: (repeat after each verse)
Your sacred Jewels ever shine,
through this focused mind of mine,
set my chakras all ablaze,
your light dispelling Maya’s haze.

2. I call upon your Disc of Light,
its vortex shines forever bright,
the violet flame electrons raise,
for your own Presence I give praise.

3. Acceleration is the key,
transformed by sacred alchemy,
your discipline I will endure,
until my mind and heart are pure.

4. Now show me all I need to see,
from dramas all, I would be free,
I meditate with mind so still,
that I may see my higher will.

5. Divine Director, through your love,
my mental box I rise above,
your love consumes all doubt and fear,
Divine Direction always near.

6. My plan divine I long to know,
with Holy Spirit I will flow,
I see now with my inner sight,
I see the beauty of your Light.

7. In Freedom’s Flame I am immersed,
all lack of joy is now dispersed,
for in your heart is joy so true,
my heart is seeking only you.

8. To see you in your fullness, dear
your crystal pattern o so clear,
my vision raised to Central Sun,
a higher cycle now begun.

9. Divine Director fill my heart,
your crystal pattern do impart,
the frequency of your true light,
revealing God to inner sight.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels