A technique for controlling sexual urges

This technique was given by Jesus 

As stated in many places on this website, science has proven that everything is made of energy. Your energy field has certain centers, often called chakras. When you express mental or emotional energy, you express it through these energy centers. One of the energy centers is located at the base of your spine at the same height as the genitals. In esoteric teachings, this is often called the base chakra.

When you are exposed to suggestive energies from the outside, this energy often enters your base chakra and pollutes it. The desires of your carnal mind can also pollute your base chakra. This can cause the base chakra to be miscolored, and for many people this chakra radiates red or orange light. If the base chakra is pure, it radiates pure white light.

When you feel a physical stimulation, that stimulation begins in your base chakra. The chakra begins to spin and to radiate misqualified sexual energy which then arouses your physical organs. In other words, physical arousal always begins with energy in the base chakra. If you want to sublimate the spiritual energy, you must cause the energy to rise from the level of the base chakra to the energy center in the middle of your chest, often called the heart chakra.

I suggest the following visualization:

  1. As soon as you feel any kind of sexual stimulation, make an immediate decision to stop the energy from flowing into you sexual organs.
  2. Focus your attention on your base chakra and visualize that it begins to spin more quickly so that it throws off all imperfect energy and begins to radiate pure white light. To help with this visualization, you might visualize myself or my blessed mother, the Virgin Mary, over your base chakra. Certain Ascended Masters are associated with certain types of spiritual light, and Mother Mary is working with the white light, also called the Mother Light, of the base chakra. Therefore, she is more than willing to help you sublimate sexual energy.
  3. When you feel that your base chakra is radiating white light, visualize that the white light rises up to the heart chakra and is expressed through that chakra as the pink light of love. You might visualize your heart chakra as a pink rose with 12 petals. The rose spins and radiates a beautiful, soft pink light.
  4. Focus your attention on a spiritual being, be it God, Mother Mary, myself or another spiritual being of your choice, and send this intense love towards the spiritual being.
  5. Visualize that you make contact with the spiritual Master and establish a figure-eight flow between yourself and the Master. You are raising the energy from your base chakra to the level of your heart and sending that energy to the spiritual Master. The Master is then sending the energy back to your heart chakra where it connects in a figure-eight flow to your base chakra.
  6. Visualize this figure-eight flow between yourself and the Master until you feel that all impure energies have been purified.

Once you begin to practice this technique regularly, it will become almost automatic. You can do it anywhere in a few seconds, and you will be amazed at the results. However, no spiritual technique works against your free will. Therefore, you must begin by clarifying your attitude towards sex and by making a firm inner decision about your relationship to sex. This is a decision that only you can make.


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels